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## Debian bookworm [[https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/20XX/XX/msg000XX.html|will be]] released on 20XX-XX-XX! Start your party organising today! Debian bookworm [[https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/E1ps5uu-00FaGp-U5@respighi.debian.org|will likely be]] released on 2023-06-10! Start your party organising today!

Debian bookworm will likely be released on 2023-06-10! Start your party organising today!

Debian Bookworm Release Parties

Feel free to add your bookworm release party to this list to let others know about your local ReleaseParty to celebrate the event.

Alphabetic list of parties, by country and city:

Belgium: Leuven

  • When: Saturday 10 June, 19:00-22:30

  • Where: Domus, Tiensestraat 8

  • What: dinner

  • Provided: A table or tables, but you need to tell us you're coming so we can reserve enough space

  • Bring: money for dinner

  • More info: Organised by Ben Hutchings <benh@debian.org> and Nattie M-H

  • Promotion: mail to debian-events-eu

  • Reports:

Bolivia: La Paz

  • Cuándo: Sábado 10 de Junio desde el mediodía (12:00 PM)

  • Dónde: Hacklab La Paz "r00thouse". Ubicación del hacklab.

  • Qué haremos: Celebraremos el lanzamiento de Debian Bookworm: tendremos charlas improvisadas, Hackthapi por confirmar, etc. Si las ISOs salen a tiempo, habrá un mini install fest.

  • Lo que habrá: torta Debian, parrilla y música :)

  • Lo que necesitas llevar: Laptop y algo de dinero para las cuotas, además los snacks siempre son bienvenidos.

  • Más información: https://www.hacklab.org.bo/

  • Contacto: 68106953 (Donato)

Brazil: Belo Horizonte

  • Quando (When): 10 de junho de 2023 às 9:00

  • Onde (Where): a definir

  • Atividades (What): description of the planned event

  • O que teremos (Provided): anything provided by the organisers like cake, balloons, food, drink, silly hats

  • Sugestão do que levar (Bring): anything people should bring, like food, drink, costumes, OpenPGP fingerprints, etc

  • Mais informações (More info): link to the page where people can get more information and/or discuss event

  • Divulgação (Promotion): links to mails, blog posts, tweets or other promotion done for the event.

  • Relatório (Reports): links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the event.

Brasil: Francisco Beltrão/Paraná

  • Quando: 10 de junho de 2023

  • Onde: UTFPR Campus Francisco Beltrão - Miniauditório do Bloco Q. good place to party in some city (map)

  • O quê: Festa de lançamento do Debian 12 (Bookworm), com palestra, install fast e oficina sobre Debian.

  • O que vai ter: Bolo, bebidas, balões

Germany: Rostock

Iran: Tehran

  • When: June 15th 2023 (‫۲۵ خرداد ۱۴۰۲‬)

  • Where: سالن شهدای تربیت بدنی دانشگاه تهران (map)

  • What: چند ارائه و جشن گرفتن به مناسبت انتشار نگارش جدید

  • Provided: Tea, Coffee, چای، قهوه

  • Bring: Smile, Good Mood, Launch, لبخند، حس خوب، ناهار

  • More info: TBA

  • Promotion: Contact events@debian.ir

  • Reports: TBA

Netherlands: Amsterdam

  • When: 2023-06-10 16:00-22:00

  • Where: ]Lag lab(, 1e Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam (map)

  • What: release party

  • Provided: tables, internet, drinks etc. (there might be homebrewn mate.)

  • Bring: donations in cash

  • More info: IRC: ircs://irc.indymedia.org:6697/#lag . Organised by joostvb with maxigas and the rest of the Lag crew.

Portugal: Lamego (Mezio, Castro Daire)

  • When: 17 June, 12:00 onwards

  • Where: Restaurante Tipico do Mezio (map)

  • What: Lunch regional/traditional food, socialize and celebrate Bookworm's release! Afterwards, those interested in the group can follow the meal with a visit to the traditional craft center (at walking distance), and enjoy seeing how non-digital things are built from source.

  • Provided: While we are organizing the gathering, each person is expected to pay for their own meal. Those wishing to visit the craft center are also expected to pay for their own entrance ticket.

  • Bring: a festive mood - this is going to be a social party!

  • More info: So we can organize the meal (and, in particular, so we can know how many people we are planning to sit on our table) please confirm that you are planning to show up by emailing marcos.marado(at)ansol.org.

  • Promotion: in Portuguese

  • Reports: (let's leave this to *after* the party!)

Add your city

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Debian Party Line

There will also be a distributed release celebration on the DebianPartyLine, a mumble-based voice chat.

  • Where: on the DebianPartyLine, a mumble-based voice chat.

  • What: talk, maybe music

  • Promotion: #debian-devel

  • Reports:

  • List of potential attendants: