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 * Vasudev Kamath (kamathvasudev@gmail.com) [when time permits]

Clang as a second compiler

Goal description

The goal is to provide a version of Debian built using Clang instead of gcc.

Current status

Currently, any C, C++ or Objective C codes are built using gcc and g++. About 11.6% of the packages in archive are failing. However:

  • About 600 of them will be fixed with the release of clang 3.4 (see haskell-*)

  • Some changes will be pushed upstream to decrease the severity of the combination -Wall & -Werror

The method to switch from compiler remains to be decided. A few solutions can be considered:

  • Make sure that the Release Goal debian/rules honors CC and CXX is implemented.

  • Force the usage of /usr/bin/cc and /usr/bin/c++ (but cross builder people are likely to complain)
  • Continue, for now, the violent replace of gcc*, g++* by clang.

How to help