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 * which compilers and tools are invoked

Verbose Builds

Goal description

This goal comprises all the changes required to have verbose build logs in Debian when building packages which display:

  • optimisation flags enabled, their amount and order
  • warning and error flags enabled
  • includes, libraries, isystem paths and order
  • link order
  • compiler features and standards enabled (e.g. C++11)
  • which compilers and tools are invoked

This feature to display above should be available across all packages, but not necessarily enabled by-default everywhere (but e.g. enabled on the buildds)

Current status

  • TODO

How to help

  • TODO

Next Milestone

  • File and track issues for packages not enabling verbose builds. https://buildd.debian.org/~brlink/bytag/W-compiler-flags-hidden.html

  • Fix debhelper not passing --disable-silent-rules, at least under some conditions. #680686
  • Fix debhelper to show how the upstream build system is called. #680687 As an alternative buildds could run with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose
  • Change Debian policy to recommend or require verbose build logs. #628515