Stop using /dev/dsp on Linux

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OSS in Linux is unmaintained, doesn't support much current hardware, and will not be included in future kernel packages. Unfortunately, there are still some applications living in the 90s and trying to write to /dev/dsp. Such applications are also a problem when using LTSP thin clients, which only provides ESD and PulseAudio network sound support. The problems can be worked around using "aoss", "esddsp", "padsp" or other wrappers that use a preload library to redirect /dev/dsp, but this should not really be necessary. The snd-pcm-oss module provides /dev/dsp on top of ALSA, but it doesn't work with software mixing.

Please keep in mind, that OSS (/dev/dsp) is the sound system on GNU/kFreeBSD. While applications should use libraries and do not access /dev/dsp directly, the low level library have to use the native sound driver - OSS on GNU/kFreeBSD and ALSA on Linux.

Contact David Leggett (Serbitar on, about this release goal.

Usertag the BTS reports using user and tag oss-removal. See bts for the complete list.

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