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 * [[DebianPkg:mysql|MySQL]]. Planned for 6.0, but that release has been withdrawn from the current plans. (DebianBug:305829)

Full IPv6 Support

Goal description

Support IPv6 in all applications that support services over IPv4 at the moment.

Current status

  • Bugs tagged with ipv6

  • Deep Space 6 has a list (though probably a bit outdated) about the status of IPv6 support in various Linux networking applications, many of them packaged in Debian.

How to help

  • Report bugs on packages with IPv6 issues
  • Fix bugs tagged ipv6
  • Debian IPv6 IRC Channel: #debian-ipv6 on irc.debian.org

  • IPv6 IRC: #ipv6 on irc.freenode.net

Other Issues

These are packages with issues, some notes, and potential work arounds. Where there are bugs against the package they are linked to.

  • NAT64: tayga.

  • flow-tools and fprobe-ulog; (use nfdump and softflowd instead?).

  • yate

  • tftpd-hpa — (437651).

    • Logs: received address was not AF_INET, please check your inetd config.

  • atftpd — (536508).

    Jul 10 15:20:29 wlftp in.tftpd[22024]: connect from 2001:db8:0:8:224:97ff:fe4a:79db (2001:db8:0:8:224:97ff:fe4a:79db)
    Jul 10 15:20:29 wlftp atftpd[22024]: Advanced Trivial FTP server started (0.7)
    Jul 10 15:20:29 wlftp atftpd[22024]: Connection refused from
  • tftpd — (536509).

    Jul 10 15:26:30 wlftp in.tftpd[22216]: connect from 2001:db8:0:8:224:97ff:fe4a:79db (2001:db8:0:8:224:97ff:fe4a:79db)
    Jul 10 15:26:30 wlftp tftpd[22217]: tftpd: trying to get file: images/asa821-k8.bin
    Jul 10 15:26:30 wlftp tftpd[22217]: tftpd: serving file from /var/lib/tftpboot
    Jul 10 15:26:30 wlftp tftpd[22217]: tftpd: read: Connection refused
  • dhcp3-server — need ISC DHCP 4.0 and even then not all DHCPv6 features are present.

  • apcupsd

  • hddtemp

  • dircproxy

  • sarg

  • openvpn — doesn't support IPv6 while in --mode server. Current hack is to run 6in4 over a IPv4 tunnel.

  • slirp

  • uucp — but can use either ssh or stunnel which does support IPv6. Anyone still using UUCP runs it via ssh, right?

  • avahi-daemon — only searches IPv6 if IPv4 is complete disabled in the daemon.

  • libnss-mdns — enables mdns4 and mdns4-minimal *only* in /etc/nsswitch.conf — need to remove 4 to allow IPv6.

  • finger command — it did have patches for ipv6 back in the early 00s, but the patches were not carried forward. The Cfingerd daemon claims support for IPv6, but lacking a client to test it with. (Though with the protocol being quite simple, one can try either one of the IPv6-enabled netcat packages, or an IPv6-enabled telnet.)