Boot Performance

Goal description

Making sure that the boot is fast and correct. As the kernel is more and more event based, it's hard for init scripts to run after an event occured. So we need a way to make sure booting happens correctly. Next to making sure booting will be correct, we want to have a fast boot. Fast boot is nice for desktop users as they boot often, though it's also nice for server users as it can make a difference in SLAs as one can reduce the downtime.

Current status


The general boot performence is important, but for everyone to have a common goal to work on, here is the proposal from Petter Reinholdtsen on what we should focus on: Default Desktop installation, from kernel start to the desktop is operational with automatick display manager login.

To get such test setup, install Squeeze using the normal Debian installer and select the desktop option. After installation, install the nodm display manager (or configure gdm/kdm to autologin), and use the bootchart package to measure the time it take from the kernel starts until the machine settles down with a working desktop. It is useful to test with both Gnome (the default), KDE and XFCE. To change the default desktop type during installation, specify desktop=kde or desktop=xfce as a kernel argument when booting debian-installer.

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