Release Critical Bugs

Release Goals

Release goals are areas of functionality which developers would like to see as an aim for the next release. They will not hold up the release, but allows the bugs opened for that goal to be raised in severity to 'important'.

The Release Team will help track the status of these (include them in the Release Team status emails etc.). The Release Team will also be more inclined to allow freeze-exceptions for release goal related issues early in freezes.

Please note: a release goal should be:

Current release goals

This is a list of all considered, recently completed, rejected or current release goals.



A call for release goals was issued. The proposals, subject to acceptance, are:

Completed in Wheezy

Incomplete goals in Wheezy

These goals were proposed and accepted for Wheezy. However, they were not finished in time. They may be carried forward as a goal for Jessie, but they are no longer a target for Wheezy.

Completed in Squeeze

These goals were completed in Squeeze.

Proposing a new Release Goal

Proposing a release goal requires at least one advocate and a goal to be worked on. Please also choose one (or more) usertag(s) for bugs that will be filed to achieve this goal.

The proposal workflow is:

Responsibilities of an Advocate

An advocate has the following responsibilities:

The Release Team may decide to drop the release goal, if the advocate does not live up to the responsibilities (including failing to ensure progress).


For some goals, the affected packages can be auto-generated from data freely available. This can be used to setup an "auto-progress" tracker.

Help setting up a tracker for usertagged bugs to assist with auto-progress.