Reducing the Debian Installation Footprint

It may be useful to reduce the size of the installation footprint on Embedded systems, or on older computers or laptops with limited drive space, or in cases where a small installation is preferred.

* ["?NonCriticalPackages"] Removing non-critical packages

* ["?SmallReplacements"] Replace packages with smaller equivalents

* ["?LocalePurge"] Remove unnecessary locale files. The introduction of ["?LanguagePacks"] may also help in reducing the size of the installation footprint.

* ["?ManForeignPurge"] Remove foreign language man files

* ["?CopyrightPurge"] Remove copyright files

* ["RebuildTCC"] Rebuilding packages using the Tiny C Compiler

* ["SmallKernel"] Build a smaller kernel using fewer options

* ["?ScrollKeeperPurge" Remove foreign language scrollkeeper files]