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== Removing copyright files ==

  With appropriate privileges, it is possible to remove the copyright files as follows:
rm /usr/share/doc/*/copyright*

Reducing the size of the Debian Installation Footprint

It may be useful to reduce the size of the installation footprint on Embedded systems, or on older computers or laptops with limited drive space, or in cases where a small installation is preferred.

Removing non-critical packages

  • Except essential packages aptitude search '!?essential', you can remove what you don't need.

The following packages are non-critical and can be removed:

  • acpi
  • acpid
  • aptitude
  • at
  • aspell
  • aspell-en
  • avahi-daemon
  • base-config
  • bash-completion
  • bc
  • bin86
  • bind9-host
  • ca-certificates
  • console-common
  • console-data
  • console-tools
  • cupsys-client Not needed by cups
  • cupsys-bsd Not needed by cups
  • cupsys-driver-gutenprint Not needed by cups
  • cupsys-pdf Not needed by cups
  • dc
  • debian-faq
  • debian-faq-de
  • debian-faq-fr
  • debian-faq-it
  • debian-faq-zh-cn
  • dhcp DHCP Client
  • dhcp3-client DHCP Client
  • dhcp3-common DHCP Client
  • dictionaries
  • dnsutils
  • doc-debian Debian Project Documentation
  • doc-linux-text Linux How To and FAQ Documents
  • eject Eject compact disks
  • fdutils Floppy Disk Utilities
  • file Determines file type
  • finger
  • foomatic-filters Not needed by cups
  • gcc-3.3
  • gettext-base
  • groff Additional files to supplement groff-base
  • gnupg
  • gnu-efi Extensible Firmware Support
  • grub Grand Unified Boot Loader
  • hplip Not needed by cups
  • iamerican
  • ibritish
  • info
  • ispell
  • laptop-detect Tool to detect whether system is being used on a laptop
  • libavahi-compat-libdnssd1 This is required by cups
  • libc6-amd64 Not recommended for generic 486 machines using generic IA32 architecture
  • libc6-i686 Not recommended for generic 486 machines using generic IA32 architecture
  • libgpmg1
  • manpages
  • mtools
  • mtr-tiny Full screen traceroute
  • mutt
  • nano Free Pico clone
  • netcat
  • net-tools
  • ncurses-term Additional terminal type definitions
  • openssh-client
  • openssh-server
  • openssl
  • pidentd
  • ppp Point to Point Protocol
  • pppconfig A text menu for configuring PPP
  • pppoe PPP over ethernet driver
  • pppoeconf Configures PPP/ADSL connections
  • read-edid Information collection for plug and play monitors
  • reportbug Debian Bug Reporting Tool
  • smclient Not needed by cups
  • ssh
  • tasksel An initial installation tool
  • tcsh C Shell
  • traceroute
  • usbutils
  • vim-common Alternative vi editor engine
  • vim-tiny An alternative vi editor
  • wamerican
  • w3m Terminal Based World Wide Web Browser
  • whois
  • zeroinstall-injector

The following packages cannot be removed, even though marked as optional:

busybox (This is currently required by the kernel due to a dependency bug)

Replace packages with smaller equivalents

  • Replace packages with smaller equivalents :
    • debconf-english (replaces debconf-il8n)

    • levee (replaces nvi and vim-tiny)

    • lpr replaces lpr-ng or CUPS)

    • madplay (replaces mpg123, mpg321 and mp3-decoder)

    • mutt (replaces GUI ?MailUserAgent: Evolution, Thunderbird)

    • setmixer (replaces aumix)

    • slrn, tin (replaces GUI Usenet ?NewsReader)

    • irssi (replaces GUI IRC clients)

    • jed, xjed (replaces Emacs)

    • w3m, lynx, links (replaces GUI ?WebBrowser)

    • dash (replaces bash, this currently breaks)

Remove unnecessary locale files

The introduction of LanguagePacks (tdebs) may also help in reducing the size of the installation footprint.

  • It is recommended that the number of locale configurations installed is kept to a minimum. By limiting the number of locale files built you can save 90% of the space taken up by storing these systems on your system and saves the compilation time for building the locale settings for each package. A side effect or reducing the number of locale options is that the compilation of the glibc library gets a lot faster.

  • ToDo: complete this section

Remove foreign language man files

  • With appropriate privileges, it is possible to remove the foreign man pages as follows:

rm -rf /usr/share/man/??
rm -rf /usr/share/man/??_*
  • Note: There is also a purgelocales package that will remove the man pages, but that destroys the package management and package building system.

Reconfigure apt so that it does not install additional packages

Add the following entries to the /etc/apt/apt.conf configuration file:

APT::Install-Recommends "0" ; APT::Install-Suggests "0" ;

Rebuilding packages using the Tiny C Compiler

Remove unnecessary kernel modules

Remove unnecessary cups dependencies

SBuild a smaller kernel using fewer options

Reduce the size of the X installation footprint

  • You can remove the packages xserver-xorg-video-* that you don't use. you should still keep xserver-xorg-video-vesa.

Reduce the size of the initramfs

Remove unnecessary ipv6 files

If you are using only [ipv4] internally, then the following [ipv6] files can be removed:

  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_ah.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_dst.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_eui64.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_frag.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_hbh.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_hl.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_HL.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_icmp6.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_ipv6header.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_LOG.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_mh.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_REJECT.so
  • /lib/xtables/libip6t_rt.so

Remove /etc/alternatives

If your applications have been mapped using traditional methods, then it is possible to remove the /etc/alternatives directory.

Replace the getty processes with the ngetty single process daemon

The getty processes can be replaced by the ngetty single process daemon to reduce virtual memory utilization:

See Also

  • ?DebianLive/HowTo/SmallSizeImage