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[DIFF] 64m ago [INFO] PaulWise be less specific about which rootfs build tools are available
[DIFF] 70m ago [INFO] PaulWise another wiki page that needs updating after releases
[DIFF] 23:32 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre [1]
?IvoDeDecker [2]
[DIFF] 22:22 [INFO] ?XheniMyrtaj [1-2]
[DIFF] 20:05 [INFO] ?AdrianGlaubitz [1-2] #02 Add initial version
[DIFF] 19:17 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann add TOC
[DIFF] 16:54 [INFO] Infinity0 [1]
GuillemJover [2-4]
#01 mention hashing, hard to hash "compressed stuff minus stuff inside it" in a natural way
#02 Add suggestion to detach files sigs into its own member
#03 Fix links
#04 Add initial very drafty deb signatures spec
[DIFF] 16:44 [INFO] MichaelDorrington Add Manchester Free Software to UK
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] MichaelDorrington Initial version.
[DIFF] 16:24 [INFO] GuillemJover Add reference to new DebSignatures spec
[DIFF] 15:51 [INFO] ?ElenaGrandi installation report for the Mele A1000
[DIFF] 15:05 [INFO] ?ChristopheAguettaz updated "stretch" to "buster" where necessary
[DIFF] 14:59 [INFO] Drahtseil Titel same as in Plinth GUI; standard footer; some basic restructuring before I will update the docu more in detail
[DIFF] 14:53 [INFO] Drahtseil Adding Syncthing
[DIFF] 14:35 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann add debcamp sprint report
[DIFF] 14:20 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Add conbuilder
[DIFF] 13:22 [INFO] ?MichaelStapelberg
[DIFF] 07:49 [INFO] Zixy No need for the chapter about the alpha, since there is a full release now.
[DIFF] 06:52 [INFO] BenFinney [1-5] #01 Protect StudlyCaps word from wiki link.
#02 Correct markup.
#03 Specify packages that are dependencies for MyEtherWallet
#05 Enumerate packages required for MyEtherWallet.
[DIFF] 04:06 [INFO] PaulWise PS4 kernel exploit
[DIFF] 22:36 [INFO] JulianAndresKlode [1-3]
[DIFF] 14:30 [INFO] PaulWise add more urls
[DIFF] 13:51 [INFO] BoyuanYang
[DIFF] 13:33 [INFO] BoyuanYang
[DIFF] 13:25 [INFO] JeanMichelVourgere
[DIFF] 12:44 [INFO] SébastienVillemot [1-3] #01 Add link to Practical Common Lisp
#02 Typo
#03 Add link to ABCL ITP
[DIFF] 12:22 [INFO] HidekiYamane [1-4] #01 Upload of attachment '2017_openSUSEconfai sa_upload.pdf'.
#02 Attachment '2017_openSUSEconfai sa_upload.pdf' deleted.
#03 Upload of attachment '2017_openSUSEconfai sa_upload.odp'.
#04 Attachment '2017_openSUSEconfai sa_upload.odp' deleted.
[DIFF] 11:51 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 11:19 [INFO] BorisPek
[DIFF] 10:35 [INFO] ?AndreySkvortsov fix gplhost link
[DIFF] 07:42 [INFO] ?AndreySkvortsov updated link to for DebianArt
[DIFF] 07:39 [INFO] BoyuanYang add one for 201504
[DIFF] 07:32 [INFO] JoostvanBaal [1-2] #01 booth staff, as of yet unconfirmed. location, dates
#02 skeleton for this years T-DOSE, eindhoven
[DIFF] 02:22 [INFO] JamesValleroy add plinth 0.15.3 release notes
[DIFF] 23:26 [INFO] ?TobiasHansen Added cypari2 1.1.3 to deb-sci-sage.
[DIFF] 22:49 [INFO] coringao
[DIFF] 22:23 [INFO] FrédéricLehobey
[DIFF] 22:02 [INFO] FrédéricLehobey [1-2]
[DELETED] 21:40 [INFO] ?KeonWoo Kim [1-2] #01 outdated
[DIFF] 21:16 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 20:26 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 15:23 [INFO] OsamuAoki
[DIFF] 14:05 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 04:27 [INFO] SandipanRoy [1-2]
[DIFF] 20:24 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 19:22 [INFO] Sebul Added Korean
[DIFF] 19:19 [INFO] ?ElenaGrandi [1-4]
[DIFF] 18:30 [INFO] ?ElenaGrandi
[DIFF] 15:46 [INFO] OsricWilkinson
[DIFF] 15:43 [INFO] OsricWilkinson Add note to avoid cetificate problems with pressed.cfg files fetched over https
[DIFF] 15:09 [INFO] OsamuAoki
[DIFF] 14:45 [INFO] HectorOron [1-6]
[DIFF] 14:17 [INFO] ?JamesMcCoy Fix link for non-git VCS discussion
[DIFF] 13:51 [INFO] ?JosephNuthalapati [1-14] #01 Remove link to source code as this wiki seems to have banned anything that starts with
#02 Add importing OPML feeds and link to source code of TT-RSS Android App
#03 Upload of attachment 'OPML.png'.
#04 Attachment 'OPML.png' deleted.
#05 Upload of attachment 'OPML.png'.
#06 Add documentation for automatic detection of RSS feeds and the Unsubscribe option
#07 Upload of attachment 'Unsubscribe.png'.
#08 Upload of attachment 'WikiNews-feed.png'.
#09 Add screenshots for subscribing to a new RSS feed
#10 Upload of attachment ' g'.
#11 Upload of attachment 'Subscribe-to-feed.p ng'.
#12 Upload of attachment 'Select-RSS-feed.png '.
#13 Attachment 'Select-RSS-feed.png ' deleted.
#14 Upload of attachment 'Select-RSS-feed.png '.
[DIFF] 10:13 [INFO] highvoltage
[DIFF] 08:27 [INFO] BerndZeimetz
[DIFF] 06:59 [INFO] ?Tzafrir Israel: Baruch Even's key is no longer in the keyring
[DIFF] 06:48 [INFO] AriPollak [1-3] #01 Automatically updated by
#02 Automatically updated by
#03 Automatically updated by
[DIFF] 00:19 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 22:15 [INFO] Sebul Added Korean
[DIFF] 22:13 [INFO] Sebul Added English link
[DIFF] 16:50 [INFO] SimonMcVittie Revert to revision 111. Revert misunderstanding. Policy documents the nodoc option, and the nodoc profile requires the nodoc option, but the nodoc profile is also allowed to go further and drop entire packages. Acked-by: bwh
[DIFF] 16:32 [INFO] ?AlexMuntada Update last check for yearly member ping
[DIFF] 16:12 [INFO] JamesValleroy update TODO list
[DIFF] 15:05 [INFO] HolgerLevsen take note
[DIFF] 14:44 [INFO] FabianRodriguez Added warning about outdated information as-per suggestion in #debian-welcome channel
[DIFF] 12:56 [INFO] ?Yosuke Otsuki
[DIFF] 12:55 [INFO] ?Yosuke Otsuki [1-2]
[DIFF] 11:26 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer add workaround URL for offline installation issue.
[DIFF] 10:04 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer Add offline install related information; move issue to 'Fixed in Git'.
[DIFF] 05:05 [INFO] Sebul Fix typos
[DIFF] 01:54 [INFO] KeerthanaKrishnan
[DIFF] 01:20 [INFO] GuillemJover Update for buster
[DIFF] 01:11 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 some source packages got added!
#02 some power related tools
[DIFF] 00:21 [INFO] BoyuanYang update status of packaging
[DIFF] 23:27 [INFO] BoyuanYang update dependency status
[DIFF] 22:53 [INFO] Heath Loder Initial Homepage
[DIFF] 22:45 [INFO] Heath Loder Add additional 'p' to ippserver command (ipserver -> ippserver)
[DIFF] 20:09 [INFO] ?LukasSchwaighofer improve wording, annotate ext4 problem with the corresponding debian bug
[DIFF] 18:38 [INFO] vauss httpredir to deb
[DIFF] 18:38 [INFO] vauss httpredir to deb
[DIFF] 18:37 [INFO] vauss httpredir to deb
[DIFF] 18:36 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 15:46 [INFO] ?neugens
[DIFF] 15:37 [INFO] ?neugens
[DIFF] 15:08 [INFO] BoyuanYang update obsoleted keybase packaging
[DIFF] 13:19 [INFO] BoyuanYang [1-2] #01 add entry for npm
#02 Add link to GitLab
[DIFF] 09:55 [INFO] Sebul [1-2]
[DIFF] 08:27 [INFO] DidierRaboud httpredir to deb
[DIFF] 08:14 [INFO] ?GhislainVaillant [1-2]
[DIFF] 04:34 [INFO] ?MichaelLustfield Add Michael Lustfield (MTecknology) to list.
[DIFF] 03:13 [INFO] PaulWise Filtering The Packages


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