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[DIFF] 73m ago [INFO] ?DongminLee Add DongminLee to local infrastructure team list
[DIFF] 04:59 [INFO] ?Bang Giyeon
[DIFF] 15:10 [INFO] ?MartínBayo
[DIFF] 14:54 [INFO] PaulWise mention key packages and tasksel just before moving on to the official stage
[DELETED] 14:31 [INFO] PaulWise moved to a real attachment of DebianScience/ROOT
[DELETED] 14:30 [INFO] PaulWise moved to a real attachment of DebianScience/ROOT
[DIFF] 14:28 [INFO] PaulWise [1-3] #01 attachments moved to actual file attachments
#02 Upload of attachment 'root-system-changes .sh'.
#03 Upload of attachment 'root-system-build.s h'.
[DIFF] 13:32 [INFO] GurkanMyczko [1-4] #02 typo
#04 add bananas
[DIFF] 13:23 [INFO] josch use /etc/apt/preferences .d directory instead of /etc/apt/preferences
[DIFF] 12:57 [INFO] ?PaulBoddie Added VisionFive 2 details since there is already a page about this version of the product.
[DIFF] 07:20 [INFO] ?David Prévot [1]
ZugSchlus [2-3]
#01 Add ref to symfony 6 transition #1041982
#03 add ZugSchlus
[DIFF] 04:09 [INFO] PaulWise link to the new location of the list of available games
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JustinBRye [2]
#02 bpython bucardo calife care hexchat iverilog mingw-w64 piper systemd(-sysv)
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[DIFF] 17:17 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 14:30 [INFO] Praveen A [1-2] #01 mention about xmpp groups
#02 add formbricks
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[DIFF] 13:41 [INFO] EmanueleRocca [1-4]
[DIFF] 12:22 [INFO] ?AliceBerg [1-2] #01 additional information that sway uses default applications when you use it from scratch.
#02 added link to the sway package
[DIFF] 12:09 [INFO] ?AliceBerg Updated the Installation instructions.
[DELETED] 10:13 [INFO] PaulWise Attachment 'foo' deleted.
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[DIFF] 06:45 [INFO] ?HelmutGrohne link analysis
[DIFF] 00:11 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-4] #01 try to be less vague about c&w
#02 & FLOSS
#03 editorial changes ;)
#04 there will be c&w
[DIFF] 22:10 [INFO] GunnarWolf Talks to be submitted on the Wiki
[DIFF] 22:01 [INFO] GunnarWolf We don't need a separate form to fill in for meals, less hassle 😉
[DIFF] 20:42 [INFO] ?ckk [1-2] #01 Add Mo as co-mentor
#02 Initial version
[DIFF] 20:40 [INFO] ?ckk [1-2] #01 Add Mo as co-mentor
#02 Initial version
[DIFF] 20:32 [INFO] ?ckk Initial version
[DIFF] 20:24 [INFO] ?ckk Initial Version
[DIFF] 17:48 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann fix wiki syntax (link)
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[DIFF] 08:10 [INFO] JongminKim Remove the DC24 mail announcement
[DIFF] 21:56 [INFO] EdanOsborne Clarified section 1.1
[DIFF] 21:45 [INFO] EdanOsborne [1-2] #02 Created page
[DIFF] 20:55 [INFO] ?MichaelGrisuBramer
[DIFF] 19:57 [INFO] ?manu [1-2] #02 update dead link
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] Francewhoa Added "See Also"
[DIFF] 16:32 [INFO] Francewhoa Added GNOME Boxes and Snowglobe to QEMU frontends
[DIFF] 07:35 [INFO] AndreiPopescu add admonition on possible mismatch between kernel and initramfs
[DIFF] 02:34 [INFO] ShriramRavindranathan [1-2] #01 Fix line breaks
#02 Add personal info
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[DIFF] 15:48 [INFO] FedericoCeratto [1-2] #01 Add note on kernel upstreaming
[DIFF] 15:36 [INFO] FedericoCeratto [1-2] #01 Revert to revision 34. Incorrect edit
[DIFF] 15:30 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Add link to PineTab-V page
[DIFF] 08:17 [INFO] AndreasTille [1-2] #01 Fix typo
#02 Move Agendas to Salsa for easier editing
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