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[DIFF] 63m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy add v0.15.2
[DIFF] 84m ago [INFO] ?LuigiToscano [1-2,4-6]
BoyuanYang [3]
#01 more updates (including iannix and avahi which were fixed recently)
#02 more details on few programs
#03 mark qr-tools as done
#04 fix a fix for a typo
#05 fix typo
#06 more details on few programs
[DIFF] 96m ago [INFO] Sebul [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:39 [INFO] JamesValleroy [1-2] #01 update for next call
[DIFF] 18:36 [INFO] JamesValleroy add call notes
[DIFF] 18:07 [INFO] ?RichardKweskin [1-3]
[DIFF] 18:06 [INFO] ?RichardKweskin Renamed from 'LTSP/LtspHardwareRe q'. Wrong header
[DIFF] 17:50 [INFO] ?RichardKweskin
[DELETED] 17:50 [INFO] ?RichardKweskin
[DIFF] 17:11 [INFO] ShengjingZhu [1-2] #01 fix last change
#02 add 876639 to gcc/go
[DIFF] 14:36 [INFO] SébastienVillemot Add .cl as possible extension for source files
[DIFF] 13:39 [INFO] victory fix a typo
[DIFF] 12:40 [INFO] GuillemJover [1-5] #01 Use proper markup for bold
#02 Use DebianBug instead of deprecated Bug macro
#03 Remove dead gitea site
#04 Update wget status
#05 Linkify Chromium manual approach reference
[DIFF] 09:30 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert [1-2] #01 src/ciderlib under CIDER_LICENSE ?
[DIFF] 08:24 [INFO] AndersJonsson Typo fixes
[DIFF] 08:22 [INFO] AndersJonsson Typo fixes
[DIFF] 08:19 [INFO] AndersJonsson Fix typo
[DIFF] 08:09 [INFO] SandipanRoy
[DIFF] 07:50 [INFO] PaulWise qemu-debootstrap does not take a --foreign argument
[DIFF] 04:51 [INFO] ?JessicaParker
[DIFF] 20:57 [INFO] ?Guus Sliepen [1-3]
[DIFF] 19:30 [INFO] ?ThomasLevine [1-2] #01 links
#02 Tom and Dian
[DIFF] 18:41 [INFO] TheAnarcat note the duplication and move on
[DIFF] 18:37 [INFO] TheAnarcat [1-6] #03 add more details about service migration
#05 add deprecation plan and fix news
#06 try to answer questions about mailing lists
[DIFF] 17:30 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 17:04 [INFO] ?MichaelLustfield
[DIFF] 17:02 [INFO] ?MichaelLustfield
[DIFF] 13:55 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 13:26 [INFO] KaichungYan
[DIFF] 12:31 [INFO] Diego Alonso Aviso sobre cambios de significado en las correcciones de traducciones
[DIFF] 12:14 [INFO] Diego Alonso [1]
hen [2-6]
#01 La frase original habla de algo perverso, maligno , no de perseverar
[DIFF] 06:49 [INFO] vauss typo
[DIFF] 06:48 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 06:15 [INFO] AriPollak [1-2] #01 Automatically updated by
#02 Automatically updated by
[DIFF] 04:12 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian tested openpandora
[DIFF] 20:24 [INFO] GuillemJover [1]
?LukasSchwaighofer [2]
#01 QMAKE_LFLAGS is not a typo, revert previous change
#02 corrected typo (LFLAGS → LDFLAGS)
[DIFF] 20:12 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 20:05 [INFO] Sebul [1]
OsamuAoki [2]
#01 Add Korean
[DIFF] 19:07 [INFO] StefanoRivera airbnb booked
[DIFF] 18:43 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert [1-3] #01 Adding the KiCad logo
#02 Upload of attachment 'kicad-logo.png'.
#03 Starting a page for KiCad
[DIFF] 15:39 [INFO] ?nodens [1-2] #01 more irc notification solutions
#02 add some Git info
[DIFF] 13:55 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1]
FabianRodriguez [2-3]
#01 Use semantic newlines (eases editing and reading subscription diffs).
#02 Updated link to Debian text SVG, uploaded SVG here, cited source + license
#03 Upload of attachment 'debian.svg'.
[DIFF] 12:50 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann add link to 2017-09-21 report
[DIFF] 08:32 [INFO] ?risca typo error
[DIFF] 07:29 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1-2] #01 Mention Z-Push alternate name D-push.
#02 Add prospective package z-push.
[DIFF] 06:15 [INFO] moomoc
[DIFF] 03:15 [INFO] ?Jaminy Prabaharan
[DIFF] 02:59 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 01:04 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 23:46 [INFO] wookey [1-2] #02 Add missing packages
[DIFF] 23:22 [INFO] ?WMartinBorgert [1]
?narcan [2-5]
#03 this email is already spammed ^^
[DIFF] 22:18 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1,3]
HolgerLevsen [2]
#01 use 'service' instead of 'systemctl' for the sake of consistency; better stop the service, disabling is done via the cfengine run.
#02 remove redundant comment, this is in the "main server upgrade" section already
#03 make shure autofs isn't running on the main server
[DIFF] 20:54 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert z-push is now in experimental, kopanocore has migrated to testing
[DIFF] 20:50 [INFO] highvoltage [1-3] #03 Renamed from 'DebianLive/buster/i so-testing/alpha-1/r elease-notes'.
[DELETED] 20:36 [INFO] highvoltage [1-5]
[DIFF] 19:34 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 19:32 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 18:22 [INFO] ?nodens [1-2]
?AlexMuntada [3]
?GregorHerrmann [4]
#02 add item (alioth)
#03 Add new item for uploaders cleanup after membership ping
#04 add link to UpForAdoption and wnpp pages
[DIFF] 18:18 [INFO] ?AndreasMundt mention preseeding
[DELETED] 17:00 [INFO] JamesAMontgomery This page was created to demonstrate https://bugs.debian. org/539758 which has been fixed.
[DIFF] 15:05 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 09:47 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann [1-4] #01 next wiki syntax error fix - one column is enough for notes
#02 wiki syntax error fix (again)
#03 mark libcrypt-gpg-perl as DONE (removed)
#04 mark libhttp-daemon-ssl-p erl as DONE
[DIFF] 07:21 [INFO] LauraArjona update the workflow to the current workflow
[DIFF] 21:37 [INFO] Diego Alonso added spanish translation link
[DIFF] 21:35 [INFO] Diego Alonso Traducción competa. Synchronised with english version #5
[DIFF] 17:25 [INFO] DanielKahnGillmor use wrap-and-sort -ast
[DIFF] 17:05 [INFO] ?ZachMarano
[DIFF] 15:15 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen One vmdebootstrap patch is rejected by upstream/maintainer.
[DIFF] 14:25 [INFO] ?C. Burkhardt [1-2] #02 für den Empfänger eines DVB-T2 HD Signals reicht ein Raspberry Pi oder SoC mit Atom oder weniger + kleine Ergänzungen
[DIFF] 14:21 [INFO] ?PaoloGreppi update to release 1.0.2
[DIFF] 12:28 [INFO] ?MathieuMalaterre [1]
PrachPongpanich [2]
[DIFF] 09:59 [INFO] highvoltage
[DIFF] 09:26 [INFO] ?MichaelStapelberg [1-2]
[DIFF] 07:50 [INFO] AndySimpkins Added Self
[DIFF] 06:46 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 06:38 [INFO] ?PaoloGreppi [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:03 [INFO] LisandroDNPerezMeyer postbooks-updater: rmeoved dependency
[DIFF] 22:07 [INFO] Sebul [1-3]
[DIFF] 15:53 [INFO] HubertChathi [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:40 [INFO] HubertChathi
[DIFF] 09:53 [INFO] SteffenMoeller Added Steffen in Rostock
[DIFF] 07:35 [INFO] ?Louis-PhilippeVeronneau [1-3] #03 fix date issue, add infos about possible AirBnB
[DIFF] 06:21 [INFO] ConradPino add AWS account ID
[DIFF] 06:19 [INFO] ConradPino quote name, monospace identifiers, AMI table ordered by Region
[DIFF] 02:38 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 02:10 [INFO] HubertChathi Babel is now in contrib
[DIFF] 20:03 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 20:00 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 15:16 [INFO] bastienroucaries [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:31 [INFO] ?Lavamind [1-3] #01 Add workaround for Lenovo G585
#02 Missed title in previous change
#03 Cleanup titles and add TOC
[DIFF] 13:50 [INFO] bastienroucaries
[DIFF] 13:02 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard Add user tag tracking bugs reported by PureOS developers/users.
[DELETED] 12:44 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
Sebul [2]
#01 deletion requested
[DIFF] 11:54 [INFO] bastienroucaries
[DIFF] 10:07 [INFO] UlrikeUhlig [1-2] #01 i wont upload a backport atm.
[DIFF] 08:05 [INFO] moomoc [1-2] #02 merge "cas normal user" from English page (3 times)
[DIFF] 07:30 [INFO] hen [1-2] #02 Revert to revision 9. It's information about me
[DIFF] 06:05 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 04:52 [INFO] Sebul
[DIFF] 04:16 [INFO] ?Louis-PhilippeVeronneau export post from
[DIFF] 02:01 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian at note about initial armhf reproducibility testing
[DIFF] 00:22 [INFO] Sebul Added Korean
[DIFF] 00:16 [INFO] Sebul


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