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[DIFF] 64m ago [INFO] picca add bornagainproject
[DIFF] 81m ago [INFO] ?Vangelis Mouhtsis [1-2]
[DIFF] 95m ago [INFO] Lunar link to new dedicated page
[DIFF] 95m ago [INFO] Lunar [1-2] #01 Upload of attachment 'apron_0.9.10-6.debb indiff.html'.
#02 document that random filenames in debug symbols can sometimes be fixed by adding .file directives in assembly
[DIFF] 13:17 [INFO] ?BaptisteJ
[DIFF] 12:07 [INFO] DominicHargreaves my understanding of the issue with dak and virtual package dependencies
[DIFF] 11:55 [INFO] ?AlexandreDetiste [1-2] #01 move up list of game URL, so that it doesn't get lost among other URL's
#02 add link to game list at Steam
[DIFF] 11:09 [INFO] ?DougTorrance [1,3]
?gladk [2]
#01 Add mathic
#03 Add memtailor
[DIFF] 08:32 [INFO] adria 2015/08 added
[DIFF] 08:29 [INFO] adria 2015/08 added
[DIFF] 08:24 [INFO] adria 2015/08 added
[DIFF] 08:22 [INFO] adria 2015/08 added
[DIFF] 08:14 [INFO] adria 2015/08 added
[DIFF] 00:13 [INFO] ?mithro [1-3] #03 Adding information about the lm32 core.
[DIFF] 22:02 [INFO] ?Vangelis Mouhtsis [1-7]
[DIFF] 20:18 [INFO] OleksandrGavenko connman
[DIFF] 20:08 [INFO] SamuelThibault Add java
[DIFF] 19:28 [INFO] ThadeuCascardo
[DIFF] 19:11 [INFO] josch update service documentation
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] josch update botch link from gitorious to gitlab.mister-muffin .de
[DIFF] 18:55 [INFO] ?AlfGaida
[DIFF] 17:43 [INFO] NielsThykier [1-2] #01 Add some "Before freeze" ideas
#02 Add a "Before freeze" section and move some items there
[DIFF] 17:34 [INFO] NielsThykier Migrate from /org to /srv
[DIFF] 15:57 [INFO] Lunar add FrOSCon 2015 talk
[DIFF] 13:52 [INFO] arpinux swirch to https
[DIFF] 13:49 [INFO] ?LeopoldPalomo [1-2]
[DIFF] 13:26 [INFO] josch add hint to use newgrp
[DIFF] 12:35 [INFO] ?LeopoldPalomo
[DIFF] 12:33 [INFO] ?JochenSprickerhof added #debian-admin
[DIFF] 12:07 [INFO] onlyjob
[DIFF] 11:54 [INFO] AndreasSchockenhoff works fine for me.
[DIFF] 11:34 [INFO] DavidBremner
[DIFF] 10:51 [INFO] ?SiriReiter Write a more welcoming text. Add links for Collab and DebianArt.
[DIFF] 09:58 [INFO] ?OleStreicher First report draft added
[DIFF] 07:31 [INFO] bastienroucaries
[DIFF] 07:10 [INFO] AndrewLee [1-2]
?AlfGaida [3-6]
[DIFF] 06:53 [INFO] ?Marcus don't refer to release names
[DIFF] 21:17 [INFO] KristofferRose [1-2]
JonasSmedegaard [3]
?BernelleVerster [4-11]
#03 Simplify link to main page.
#06 Added websites to contacts
[DIFF] 20:53 [INFO] ?Christopher Soellinger
[DIFF] 20:34 [INFO] ChristophBerg Fix index_notes.html URL
[DIFF] 17:36 [INFO] ?DanDeVoto Added youtube question.
[DIFF] 16:20 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1-3]
?BernelleVerster [4]
#01 Rewrite Hardware section.
#02 Fix link to Questions sub-page.
#03 Simplify link to Question sub-page (and rephrase to present as status, not a one-way dump).
#04 Added Questions page
[DIFF] 15:55 [INFO] ?czchen [1-4]
[DELETED] 15:47 [INFO] ?czchen [1-2] #01 Typo, shall be https://wiki.debian. org/Teams/LXQtPackag ingTeam
[DELETED] 15:44 [INFO] ?czchen [1-2] #01 Move to https://wiki.debian. org/Teams/LQXtPackag ingTeam
#02 Renamed from 'Teams/LxqtPackaging Team'.
[DIFF] 15:11 [INFO] ?ReinerHerrmann added rdfind
[DIFF] 14:45 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1-15] #01 Replace USB column with battery.
#02 Add subarch-family for ARM archs.
#03 Drop case column.
#04 Replace related resources with a few actually working links.
#05 Novena not promising: will cost $550
#06 BeagleBoard X15 not promising: will cost $199 according to http://www.elinux.or g/Beagleboard:Beagle Board-X15#What_is_th e_expected_price.3F
#07 Fix strip trailing space for MinnowBoard.
#08 Readd MinnowBoard, with reseller offering case.
#09 Add case as requirement.
#10 Drop boards DevKit8600, MarS Board, MinnowBoard MAX, Nitrogen6_Lite, RiotTboard, SBC8600B, UDOO boards: no case.
#11 Update Intel board: Switch reseller (was out of stock). Fix mark as proper case.
#12 Update CubieBoard boards: Include case price. Drop CubieBoard2 (sold out). Drop CubieBoard4 (no case).
#13 Update Banana boards: Add Pi Router. Fix mark Pi Pro as proper case.
#14 Indicate sub-standard cases.
#15 Update Banana boards: Include case in price. Drop Banana Pi (no board reseller offer case).
[DIFF] 13:00 [INFO] Praveen A [1-4] #01 sidekiq will never support SemVer
#02 sidekiq contacted
#03 contacted compass-rails
#04 semver.org does what we want
[DIFF] 12:33 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Automated submission
[DIFF] 10:09 [INFO] DariuszDwornikowski I removed mysefl - Dariusz Dwornikowski
[DIFF] 09:18 [INFO] MarceloSantana [1-2]
[DIFF] 05:53 [INFO] ?SunilMohanAdapa [1-3] #01 Add instructions for saving the log
#02 Minor formatting
#03 Add workaround of policykit-1 problem
[DIFF] 05:07 [INFO] GiovaniFerreira
[DIFF] 00:56 [INFO] GuillemJover Update dpkg information
[DIFF] 22:28 [INFO] ?tassia [1-8] #07 Upload of attachment 'BSB_group_photo.JPG '.
[DIFF] 22:26 [INFO] ?tassia [1-2]
[DIFF] 17:14 [INFO] ?MichaelGruenewald Give more background for the name bsdowl
[DIFF] 17:08 [INFO] LisandroDNPerezMeyer mathgl: done
[DIFF] 14:49 [INFO] ?KillYourTV [1-2] #01 It was reported on debian-user that the unit file did not work. The changes I'm adding here worked for me.
#02 Mostly changing {{{blah}}} to `blah` to improve source readability.
[DIFF] 12:19 [INFO] ScottWakeling
[DIFF] 10:15 [INFO] HolgerLevsen add Santiago to the team
[DIFF] 10:05 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 fix year
#02 fix years
[DIFF] 09:15 [INFO] Lunar [1-3] #01 Improve Makefile and Shell example to wok with both GNU and BSD date. Inspired by dkg's work on enigmail.
#02 the Makefile example also requires GNU date
#03 mention that the shell example requires GNU date
[DIFF] 08:27 [INFO] ?之同心
[DIFF] 04:55 [INFO] ?SalvatoreBonaccorso
[DIFF] 01:09 [INFO] JimmyKaplowitz
[DIFF] 21:30 [INFO] JensReyer [1-3] #01 Layout (capitalization, punctuation, double blanks)
#02 Hint to create dummy Packages file. This is necessary to bootstrap because D... hooks are not run on update.
#03 Use httpredir.debian.org as example
[DIFF] 21:08 [INFO] ?JorgeChaves Las últimas intrucciones pueden no funcionar bien en Debian 8.
[DIFF] 20:09 [INFO] RaphaelHertzog [1]
?IntRigeri [2]
EnricoZini [3-8]
#01 add tracker.debian.org to sites accepting SSO certificates
#02 Mention Tor Browser.
#03 Added missing SSLCARevocationCheck
#04 All lowercase
#05 Capitalisation
#06 Improved browser experience part
#07 Swapped old and new
#08 Added note about xombrero
[DIFF] 19:35 [INFO] josch add more todo items
[DIFF] 17:28 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann update datetime::timzone task comment
[DIFF] 17:21 [INFO] ?JustinSamuel Added ServerPilot. Updated Plesk link (Parallels changed their name to Odin). Fixed Plesk and cPanel capitalization.
[DIFF] 15:56 [INFO] ?IntRigeri Mention auditd.
[DIFF] 15:27 [INFO] JensReyer [1-2] #01 line break
#02 Initial setup with contact details
[DIFF] 09:16 [INFO] onlyjob
[DIFF] 08:25 [INFO] Praveen A update for diaspora package in experimental
[DIFF] 05:38 [INFO] PaulWise add missing deb-src entries, remove whitespace
[DIFF] 22:51 [INFO] OrestisIoannou [1]
?MattSingleton [2]
[DIFF] 22:26 [INFO] PhilHands [1-8] #06 Upload of attachment 'Debian-tartan-cert. jpg'.
[DIFF] 19:20 [INFO] ?MichaelFladerer removed space from keyword search link to package lprng
[DIFF] 17:55 [INFO] ?lukewatson [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:47 [INFO] JensReyer Replace non-existing "Packer" wiki link by "Teams/Cloud/Rebuild VagrantBaseBoxes"
[DIFF] 16:37 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert Tine 2.0 no ITP anymore -> RFP
[DIFF] 12:23 [INFO] ?BenoîtAllard [1]
PaulWise [2]
#01 'rebuilds' instead of 'modifies'
#02 replace example
[DIFF] 11:23 [INFO] ?PhilippHug
[DIFF] 11:19 [INFO] ?DannyEdel Change dependency installation to mk-build-deps (from devscripts), makes removing them later painless and saves the user from copy-and-pasting from debian/control.
[DIFF] 08:30 [INFO] ?JanMarekGlogowski
[DIFF] 07:00 [INFO] picca [1]
?BerylLeija [2]
#01 Revert to revision 84. spam
[DIFF] 06:08 [INFO] josch clarify the applicability of the restriction formula
[DIFF] 00:12 [INFO] JensReyer Source: pbuilder NEWS.Debian. This page is mostly obsolete today (except oldoldstable)
[DIFF] 22:02 [INFO] PaulWise add more urls
[DIFF] 21:11 [INFO] ?SunilMohanAdapa [1-3] #01 Update license attribution for the image
#02 Upload of attachment 'raspberrypi2.jpg'.
#03 Add separate page for Raspberry Pi 2
[DIFF] 21:07 [INFO] ?SunilMohanAdapa [1-4] #01 Upload of attachment 'raspberry2_thumb.jp g'.
#02 Attachment 'raspberrypi2_thumb. jpg' deleted.
#03 Upload of attachment 'raspberrypi2_thumb. jpg'.
#04 Add link to Raspberry Pi 2 page
[DIFF] 14:45 [INFO] Donald Norwood
[DELETED] 12:12 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre [1]
?MarlaMacCu [2]
#01 spamming fuckwit
[DIFF] 12:11 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre [1]
?MarlaMacCu [2]
#01 Revert to revision 10. spamming fuckwit
[DIFF] 08:54 [INFO] SimonKainz * add link to teams page in the wiki
[DIFF] 08:06 [INFO] ?OndřejSurý
[DIFF] 00:51 [INFO] CharlesPlessy Mention ci.debian.net


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