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[DIFF] 17:16 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian [1-3] #01 delineate between current and old versions a bit more
#02 tested wandboard quad
#03 tested odroid-u3
[DIFF] 16:12 [INFO] adria 2020/06 added and checked
[DIFF] 16:11 [INFO] adria 2020/06 added and checked
[DIFF] 16:10 [INFO] adria 2020/06 added and checked
[DIFF] 16:05 [INFO] adria 2020/06 added and checked
[DIFF] 16:01 [INFO] adria 2020/06 added and checked
[DIFF] 14:15 [INFO] RaphaelHertzog [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:21 [INFO] ?NiklasDahmen Marked EOL for Jessie, since June 30 was 2 days ago
[DIFF] 09:02 [INFO] ?Fabio [1-6] #01 Mari0 update
#02 uses https link
#03 uses https link
#04 uses updated site link; remove no longer provided unofficial Debian packages
#05 Move Spring:1944 to Games/Unsuitable (non-free art license)
#06 Move The Dark Mod to Games/Unsuitable (non-free art license)
[DIFF] 08:28 [INFO] ?Fabio [1-2] #01 Moved from Games/Suggested
#02 Moved from Games/Suggested
[DIFF] 05:22 [INFO] ?LeLutin [1-4] #02 no need for the pattern matching when setting PATH_INFO for munin-cgi-html since we're just reusing the URI path -- also we've already matched the path for LocationMatch
#04 it's crazy how just those two little blocks of configuration took me a whole day to fully debug and make them work correctly
[DIFF] 21:24 [INFO] BaptisteBeauplat [1-2]
[DIFF] 20:09 [INFO] fioddor Simplificada la sección internacional. Motores de búsqueda en general (sin publicitar una marca). Enlaces a traducciones.
[DIFF] 19:29 [INFO] ThiagoPezzo [1-4] #01 Inserção da seção Código de Conduta
#02 melhora da seção Palavras e expressões específicas do Debian
#03 novos links em Apoio à tradução
#04 seção Pontuação
[DIFF] 19:19 [INFO] fioddor [1-3] #03 Nueva página traducida a partir de la versión 17 en inglés del 1 de Julio de 2020
[DIFF] 19:18 [INFO] fioddor Nouvelle traductiòn a l'espagnol
[DIFF] 19:17 [INFO] fioddor Link zur neuen spanischen Übersetzung
[DIFF] 18:38 [INFO] fioddor [1-2] #02 Alineada con la versión 76 en inglés del 18 de junio de 2020
[DIFF] 17:27 [INFO] ?Fabio Farewall to Wheezy (EOL)
[DIFF] 12:44 [INFO] ?DougTorrance [1-2] #01 memtailor, mathic, mathicgb (new upstream releases)
#02 frobby, new upstream release - 0.9.1
[DIFF] 11:49 [INFO] ThomasSchmitt Mentioned gpg .sig file of xorriso-dd-target in its upstream repo
[DIFF] 11:11 [INFO] ?Gerry [1-2] #01 Fix missing closing bracket
#02 Linking to an process for systemd unit file debugging and fixing grammar mistakes in the document.
[DIFF] 10:44 [INFO] ?DmitriySotnikov [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:23 [INFO] ?FabriceRegnier [1]
?CyrilleBollu [2]
[DIFF] 09:20 [INFO] PaulWaring
[DIFF] 07:44 [INFO] KapilHariParanjape Removed old information
[DIFF] 06:53 [INFO] ?AurélienCouderc Add link to Barton George’s blog
[DIFF] 03:36 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2]
noloader [3]
#01 link removal & fixing
#02 linkify program names
#03 Update Autotools components descriptions.
[DIFF] 02:42 [INFO] donfede add wiki hints section, with sample caution wikitext and link to past releases
[DIFF] 02:33 [INFO] donfede update Apache HTTP Server access controls for version 2.4, leaving older 2.2 version labeled
[DIFF] 19:54 [INFO] ?OttoKekalainen [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:30 [INFO] Praveen A gitlab 13.1.0 is now available from fasttrack and experimental
[DIFF] 15:09 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 14:27 [INFO] ThorstenGlaser
[DIFF] 14:26 [INFO] ThorstenGlaser
[DIFF] 13:01 [INFO] PaulWise update sources.list
[DIFF] 11:15 [INFO] ?OlaLundqvist [1-2] #01 Added information on how to better make merge requests
[DIFF] 01:31 [INFO] GuillemJover [1-2] #01 Clarify legend
#02 Update release information, and add a color legend
[DIFF] 23:23 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa add 20.12 release notes
[DIFF] 22:53 [INFO] JohnScott add myself (Central Indiana)
[DIFF] 22:53 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 22:28 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa Rename plinth to freedombox where appropriate
[DIFF] 20:18 [INFO] AlexeyVazhnov [1-3] #01 + swap
#02 aws ec2 describe-key-pairs --query 'KeyPairs[].KeyName'
#03 Use $NAME; keep default AWS user
[DIFF] 16:00 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
Brian Potkin [2]
#01 dh_installalternativ es
[DIFF] 13:57 [INFO] LevLamberov Update pkg-emacsen link
[DIFF] 09:51 [INFO] ?Nilesh [1]
AndreasTille [2]
#02 TRF is now free
[DIFF] 09:37 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre
[DIFF] 07:41 [INFO] LucasNussbaum [1-2]
[DIFF] 04:27 [INFO] ShengjingZhu
[DIFF] 02:41 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 add yet another tool
#02 add yet another tool
[DIFF] 22:57 [INFO] GrantHandy Re-word first sentence
[DIFF] 21:07 [INFO] vauss [1-3] #01 sync with English version
#02 sync with English version
#03 sync with English version
[DIFF] 18:23 [INFO] JamesValleroy update for next call
[DIFF] 18:22 [INFO] JamesValleroy add to calendar
[DIFF] 18:12 [INFO] JamesValleroy add call notes
[DIFF] 18:12 [INFO] AriPollak Automatically updated by
[DIFF] 16:59 [INFO] TheAnarcat
[DIFF] 15:04 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe hhsuite status update
[DIFF] 06:36 [INFO] MarcusAdams updated section that mentions my project formerly known as "checkmd5"
[DIFF] 06:06 [INFO] LevLamberov [1-2] #01 Fix header
#02 Add DC17 meeting backlog
[DIFF] 06:00 [INFO] LevLamberov Add DC16 meeting backlog
[DIFF] 05:55 [INFO] LevLamberov Add DC15 meeting backlog
[DIFF] 05:51 [INFO] LevLamberov [1-5] #01 Make links to meeting a proper list
#02 Add links to meetings of Debian Emacsen team
#03 Fix links a bit more (previously I forgot to add Teams/)
#04 Fix links after renaming
#05 Renamed from 'EmacsenTeam'. Proper place for teams' wikis are under Teams/
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov Renamed from 'EmacsenTeam/Team'. Proper place for teams' wikis are under Teams/
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov Renamed from 'EmacsenTeam/elpa-he llo'. Proper place for teams' wikis are under Teams/
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov Renamed from 'EmacsenTeam/DC18_pr oposals'. Proper place for teams' wikis are under Teams/
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov Renamed from 'EmacsenTeam/Tips'. Proper place for teams' wikis are under Teams/
[DIFF] 05:30 [INFO] LevLamberov
[DIFF] 02:23 [INFO] PaulWise better linking
[DIFF] 00:33 [INFO] donfede [1-2] #01 update reprepro documentation URLs
#02 typo fix, correct header
[DIFF] 13:45 [INFO] ?OlivierHumbert update link
[DIFF] 09:49 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer exim server config broken atm due to exim 4 4.94 security related changes
[DIFF] 06:05 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 fix heading formatting
#02 link to the package in Debian instead of external algol package
[DIFF] 05:58 [INFO] PaulWise tls, spacing
[DIFF] 05:57 [INFO] PaulWise use msgid-search link
[DIFF] 19:07 [INFO] Abraham Raji
[DIFF] 14:45 [INFO] NoahMeyerhans [1-4] #01 link to AWS docs for AZ and Region details
#03 Minor tweaks
#04 cleanup
[DIFF] 12:50 [INFO] ?AndreyPonomarenko Link with Debian Hardware Trends
[DIFF] 12:46 [INFO] ?AndreyPonomarenko Link with Debian Hardware Trends
[DIFF] 12:03 [INFO] ccts [1-2]
?0xcafe [3]
GrantHandy [4]
#01 removing leafpad (not in stable anymore)
#02 +micro
#04 Add description for the portal, to make it the same as the other portals.
[DIFF] 12:02 [INFO] vauss typo
[DIFF] 12:01 [INFO] vauss fr/GIMP added
[DIFF] 12:00 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 04:20 [INFO] NoahMeyerhans [1-3] #02 Revert to revision 11. new title was even uglier.
#03 title fix
[DIFF] 04:18 [INFO] NoahMeyerhans [1-4] #02 link to more AMI details
#03 link fix
#04 Rewrote and updated most of the content
[DIFF] 01:01 [INFO] fioddor link to korean translation
[DIFF] 01:00 [INFO] fioddor Links to more languages
[DIFF] 00:58 [INFO] fioddor [1-2] #01 Enlaces a más traducciones
#02 Enlace a página traducida.
[DIFF] 00:54 [INFO] fioddor [1-2] #01 Enlace a página traducida.
#02 Alemán en alemán y orden
[DIFF] 00:53 [INFO] fioddor Enlace a nueva página traducida.
[DIFF] 00:43 [INFO] fioddor Links to more languages
[DIFF] 00:41 [INFO] fioddor Links to more languages
[DIFF] 00:39 [INFO] fioddor Alineada con la versión del 20 de octubre de 2019


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