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[DIFF] 33m ago [INFO] ?JanZelenka [1-2] #01 Added another bumblebee error with solution
#02 added information about intel driver status.
[DIFF] 44m ago [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-2] #01 approved by the DPL on June 1st 2019 in Message-ID: <tsl8sulsak8.fsf@suc hdamage.org>
#02 add 12.04€ misc cost
[DIFF] 59m ago [INFO] ?JanZelenka
[DIFF] 61m ago [INFO] MichaelBanck [1-2]
HolgerLevsen [3]
#01 Fix markup error
#03 add statistics how many people arrived on which day
[DIFF] 85m ago [INFO] ?fioddor Enlace a página traducida.
[DIFF] 87m ago [INFO] ?fioddor Enlace a página traducida.
[DIFF] 91m ago [INFO] ?fioddor [1-2] #01 Enlace a página traducida.
#02 Enlace a página traducida.
[DIFF] 91m ago [INFO] JongminKim Renew my bio
[DIFF] 94m ago [INFO] ?fioddor [1-4] #01 Corrección menor
#02 Upload of attachment 'pioneer-edition.jpg '.
#03 Corrección menor
#04 Se crea la versión española.
[DIFF] 13:43 [INFO] ?fioddor [1-2] #01 Enlace a nueva página traducida.
#02 Corrección menor
[DIFF] 13:16 [INFO] HilkoBengen [1-2]
HolgerLevsen [3-5]
#02 Upload of attachment 'packstation-slides. pdf'.
#03 add another small expense of mine
#04 some stuff done, more pending
#05 improved path
[DIFF] 11:44 [INFO] ?fioddor [1-3] #03 Remark that this kit comes pre-installed.
[DELETED] 11:37 [INFO] rsm92 It is not relevant any more. Also I renamed my username for removing my name.
[DIFF] 11:08 [INFO] ?fioddor Corrección menor
[DIFF] 10:58 [INFO] ?fioddor Corrección
[DIFF] 09:49 [INFO] ?GrandElrin
[DIFF] 09:12 [INFO] ?LluisRubies [1-2] #01 renamed file to extract to a real one
#02 Added steps to run android studio
[DIFF] 07:28 [INFO] ?AlainVaugham
[CONFLICT] 07:16 [INFO] ?AlainVaugham [1-2]
[DIFF] 05:34 [INFO] Tzafrir [1-2] #02 sort Jul 13th by time
[DIFF] 05:28 [INFO] Tzafrir
[DIFF] 03:12 [INFO] PaulWise buxy runs the facebook page
[DIFF] 03:09 [INFO] PaulWise non-youtube links, add debaday from 2006-2009
[DIFF] 20:08 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 20:06 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 20:05 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 20:01 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 19:09 [INFO] HolgerWansing
[DIFF] 16:06 [INFO] LeiAdair [1-2] #01 fixed auto linking of XMPP address as email
[DIFF] 14:22 [INFO] ?LeonardoPereira [1]
PauloSantana [2-11]
[DIFF] 14:21 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 14:18 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-13]
[DIFF] 13:46 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-2]
[DIFF] 12:28 [INFO] MichaelDorrington [1-2] #01 Bump time by 1 hour to 3-6.
#02 Initial version.
[DIFF] 10:07 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer Quentin Lejard has updated the translation, Jean-Pierre committed the update.
[DIFF] 04:47 [INFO] PaulWise modernise
[DIFF] 04:00 [INFO] ?GreenReaper Fix link to ABI spec. It's possible to boot with the chroot as just root, using an amd64 kernel and modules, although some configuration is required. Note flags controling kernel X32 support.
[DIFF] 02:57 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-10]
[DIFF] 02:01 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 01:57 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 01:53 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:42 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 00:56 [INFO] PaulWise fix, https the links
[DIFF] 20:55 [INFO] EnkelenaHaxhija
[DIFF] 11:24 [INFO] ?GrahamInggs [1]
WouterVerhelst [2-3]
[DIFF] 11:11 [INFO] ?Bastif [1-2] #02 Renamed from 'AMDGPUDriverOnStret chAndBuster'.
[DIFF] 11:09 [INFO] ?Bastif [1-2] #02 Renamed from 'How to install official AMDGPU linux driver with kernel 4.19.x on Stretch and Buster'.
[DIFF] 08:45 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master v.67
[DIFF] 08:37 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master v.49
[DIFF] 07:49 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master v.105
[DIFF] 07:33 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master v.18
[DIFF] 05:08 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 https for identica
#02 fix links
[DIFF] 20:31 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-2] #01 rename heading
#02 add a bunch of related bugreports
[DIFF] 16:45 [INFO] ?diegoaceneves
[DIFF] 12:37 [INFO] ?fioddor [1-3] #01 traducida sección DESCARGA E INSTALACIÓN.Resoluci ón de problemas
#02 traducida sección ¿Cómo... ?
#03 traducida ¿Cómo... Configurar un router para que use DNS dinámico?
[DIFF] 11:24 [INFO] LeiAdair [1-3]
[DIFF] 09:31 [INFO] LeiAdair Minor spelling & grammar fixes
[DIFF] 09:25 [INFO] JPierreGiraud sync with English page (planned release date, link to announcement email)
[DIFF] 09:08 [INFO] ?SebastianS Renamed from 'ReleasePartyBuster/ Amsterdam'. include country
[DIFF] 09:04 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard Add service host mumble.debian.net.
[DELETED] 08:34 [INFO] ?SebastianS [1-2]
[DIFF] 04:44 [INFO] ?Mathias Initial Commit for Rostock
[DIFF] 03:57 [INFO] PaulWise [1-3] #01 comment out currently non-operational Debian Party Line section
#02 uncomment Debian Party Line date
#03 uncomment release date
[DIFF] 18:54 [INFO] ?Beuc kdepim/kmail
[DIFF] 18:47 [INFO] ?Beuc kdepim
[DIFF] 14:01 [INFO] HolgerLevsen update some version numbers
[DIFF] 13:46 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer add four issues that are fixed in git; maybe only considered for 10.1
[DIFF] 12:12 [INFO] ?DanielLenharo [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:10 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-2] #01 different procedure for translated announcements now that Debian Edu releases are announced by the publicity team
#02 release date!
[DIFF] 05:42 [INFO] LeiAdair Fixed outdated wikipedia link
[DIFF] 02:51 [INFO] ?Louis-PhilippeVeronneau [1-2]
[DIFF] 02:14 [INFO] PaulWise mention that you should also submit install reports
[DIFF] 01:51 [INFO] AriPollak Automatically updated by ddtopic.pl
[DIFF] 21:05 [INFO] GregWooledge planned release date, link to announcement email
[DIFF] 19:41 [INFO] MichaelDorrington Put CDS on same line as CH in attempt to get page listed on CDS page.
[DIFF] 11:41 [INFO] GeorgeZachos
[DIFF] 09:54 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer we don't know for sure about countries w/ most installations, so skip this completely.
[DIFF] 05:50 [INFO] KåreThorOlsen May span cleaning
[DIFF] 03:23 [INFO] PaulWise switch from developers to contributors, some folks don't identify with the former
[DIFF] 23:11 [INFO] JamesValleroy add 19.9 release notes
[DIFF] 15:44 [INFO] HolgerLevsen add copyright notice for hoxp18
[DIFF] 14:59 [INFO] Praveen A add example commit for embedding
[DIFF] 13:57 [INFO] Praveen A add rollup-plugin-common js usage
[DIFF] 12:55 [INFO] ?AurélienCouderc Fix multiple Frenchisms licence -> license
[DIFF] 01:23 [INFO] ?MarcBeninca
[DIFF] 00:14 [INFO] PaulWise Attachment 'Open Geodata for Humanitarian Actions.pdf' deleted.


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