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 * [wiki:Alioth Alioth] (and the [wiki:AliothFAQ AliothFAQ])  * [wiki:Alioth Alioth] (and the [wiki:Alioth/FAQ AliothFAQ])
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My name is Raphaël Hertzog. I'm a Debian developer.

You can contact me at hertzog@debian.org. I'm buxy on irc.oftc.net and on irc.debian.org.

If you want to know more about me, here's my personal website : http://www.ouaza.com (I'm sorry, it's mostly in French)

If you want my history within Debian, you may read what I wrote for the leader's election in 2002. http://www.debian.org/vote/2002/platforms/raphael

You'll also find more about what I did by reading [http://www.ouaza.com/wordpress/mes-activites-chez-debian/ this page]. The [http://www.ouaza.com/wordpress/category/debian/ Debian category] in my [http://www.ouaza.com blog] may be of interest.

Here's a list of wiki pages that are of special interest for me:

  • CollaborativeMaintenance

  • [wiki:Utnubu Utnubu] and in particular [wiki:Utnubu/AboutUbuntu ?AboutUbuntu]

  • [wiki:Alioth Alioth] (and the [wiki:Alioth/FAQ AliothFAQ])
  • [wiki:qa.debian.org/pts Package Tracking System]

CategoryHomepage CategoryDeveloper