This page is for people who want to contribute technical work to Debian and that would like to work with me. If you don't have the time required for this, check out my support page instead. Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Contribute to the Debian Package Tracker

I am maintaining the Debian Package Tracker. We always have many (wishlist) bug reports.

You can install the tracker on your own machine to develop new features, develop fixes and test your changes. I will gladly merge patches that have been tested, just send them to the BTS (in the corresponding bug reports!).

Take over packages from me

In general, I'm not very interested in package maintenance. I do it for some software where I have a very strong interest or where the package was too badly maintained for my taste.

But in general, I'm happy to give away my packages or to have more co-maintainers doing the work instead of me.

Find out my packages here:

Package stuff that I could use;;package=wnpp

I might be ready to sponsor you if you consider packaging some of those!