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Rainer Kulow aka ?AsKew375 Germany/Switzerland

about me:

  • 1975 started breathing
  • 1983 first crash with a computer and basic
  • 1991 active in Amiga scene as Assembler coder and gfx man
  • 1995 first contact with PC's and windows :/
  • 1997 frist contact with linux
  • 1998 studying electro enginiering (bored me broke up ;)

  • 2000 changed from germany to switzerland studying computer sience
  • now Software Developer and Administrator (working mostly on linux)

my goal:

  • wanna do my part for debian(because its my choice)
  • wanna push the german part in debian wiki

my doing:

  • keep working on index of german contents
  • try to bring a structur to the german tree

my history:

  • created and translated ?ReadmeFirstGerman

  • created and translated DebianGerman

  • created my user page


leave messages for me here ;)

CategoryHomepage, CategoryWikiTranslator