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[Update: I returned to Debian on 2016-06-09. The information below is somehow outdated. I will update it, eventually.]

[Update: I retired from Debian on 2009-06-11. I am keeping the information on this page just for historical reasons.]

I have been a Debian developer since June 1998, when I uploaded my first five packages (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). You can track my contribution to the Debian project in the Ohloh website.

All packages that I maintain alone are accessible through public VCS repositories, either SVN or Git (under users/rafael/deb-pkg/). at Alioth. I hope I will not get MIA soon, but if something grave happens to me, feel free to adopt my packages. Also, I am a LowThresholdNmu type of developer.

I officially maintain the packages Skype4Py and skysentials for Debian. I have also put together a package for Skype on the amd64 architecture, available from a apt-getable repository.

Groups to which I actively contribute:

Groups to which I participate: