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Resource Description Framework

RDF is a W3C standard, which is a key to interoperability in exchange of data between different services, as data encoded in RDF is self-described to a certain extent, using Semantic Web techniques. RDF can be encoded in XML, or more textual formats like Turtle, or JSON-LD.

This page intends to hold pointers about various Semantic Web / RDF resources and tools linked to Debian.

Tools packaged in Debian

The debtags tool knows a semantic data category that can be queried for a comprehensive list (assignment of tags pending).

Semantic data about Debian

Some elaborated discussion of such needs is documented in Authoritative Linked Data descriptions of Debian source packages using ADMS.SW

RDF descriptions of Debian source packages on the PTS

Every Debian source package should have an RDF/XML representation available at

See for instance the apache2 data at : (rapper -o turtle or curl -L -H 'Accept: application/rdf+xml'

Further information about this service is available on

#685605 discusses both this and the UDD export.

UDD exports

The data available in UDD (Ultimate Debian Database) is exported as described on Services/

#685605 discusses both this and the PTS export.

Discussion about further data

Describing the Debian project per se

Describing Debian contributors

Bug tacker


Serving ?DebTags as RDF is discussed in a debwebid thread

Putkey2011 contains suggestions on how to represent faceted information using the SKOS vocabulary, which is employed in the current drafts.


The data in doc-base is already well structured and suitable for semantification. (Bonus points for finding copies of the documents available online).