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Resource Description Framework

RDF is a W3C standard, which is a key to interoperability in exchange of data between different services, as data encoded in RDF is self-described to a certain extent, using Semantic Web techniques. RDF can be encoded in XML, or more textual formats like Turtle, or JSON-LD.

This page intends to hold pointers about various Semantic Web / RDF resources and tools linked to Debian.

RDF descriptions of Debian source packages on the PTS

Every Debian source package should have an RDF/XML representation available at

See for instance the apache2 data at : (rapper -o turtle or curl -L -H 'Accept: application/rdf+xml'

Describing Debian with RDF

#685605 discusses the addition of RDF+XML static pages to the PTS, on which OlivierBerger is working at the moment.

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