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||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" style="border: 0px hidden">~-Translation(s): [:pt_BR/QuickPackageManagement:Brasileiro] - [:QuickPackageManagement:English] - [:fr/QuickPackageManagement:Français] - [:id/QuickPackageManagement:Indonesian] - [:QuickPackageManagementTamil:தமிழ் (Tamil)] -~ ||<style="text-align: right; border: 0px hidden"> (!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]|| ||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" style="border: 0px hidden">~-Translation(s): [:pt_BR/QuickPackageManagement:Brasileiro] - [:QuickPackageManagement:English] - [:fr/QuickPackageManagement:Français] - [:id/QuickPackageManagement:Indonesian] - [:QuickPackageManagementTamil:தமிழ் (Tamil)] - [:he/QuickPackageManagement:עברית (Hebrew)] -~ ||<style="text-align: right; border: 0px hidden"> (!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]||

Translation(s): [:pt_BR/QuickPackageManagement:Brasileiro] - [:QuickPackageManagement:English] - [:fr/QuickPackageManagement:Français] - [:id/QuickPackageManagement:Indonesian] - [:?QuickPackageManagementTamil:தமிழ் (Tamil)] - [:he/QuickPackageManagement:עברית (Hebrew)]

(!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]


http://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo-nd-50.png http://www.debian.org/Pics/debian.png

inline:Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome on ["Debian"] package management

inline:Portal/IDB/icon-apt-32x32.png The main goal of this portal is to guide your first steps with Debian. It explains the basics of installation and how Debian works. This portal is designed for beginners. It uses a simplified informatic language. We recommend reading [:QuickInstall:installation of Debian] before starting here.


http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/quick-reference/ch-package.en.html – Debian official references

  • ["Synaptic"] – The preferred Gtk GUI front end for [:Apt:APT]

  • ["Aptitude"] – The preferred text front end for [:Apt:APT]

  • ["DebianUpgrade"] – How to upgrade your distribution

  • ["Backports"] – Your [:DebianStable:Debian stable] runs great but the software is a little bit outdated compared to other distributions? This is where backports comes in.

?Anchor(links) External links:

See also: PackageManagement - [:Apt:APT]