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 * plplot DebianBug:875101
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 * pythonqt DebianBug:875108
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 * plplot DebianBug:875101 Ported to Qt5.
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 * pythonqt DebianBug:875108 Switched to Qt5.

Qt4 (aka src:qt4-x11) removal

Template text to file bugs

Subject: Qt4 removal from Buster
Source: @FILLME@
User: debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org
Usertags: qt4-removal

Hi! As you might know we the Qt/KDE team are preparing to remove Qt4
as announced in:


Currently Qt4 has been dead upstream and we are starting to have problems
maintaining it, like for example in the [OpenSSL 1.1 support] case.

[OpenSSL 1.1 support]

In order to make this move, all packages directly or indirectly depending on
the Qt4 libraries have to either get ported to Qt5 or eventually get
removed from the Debian repositories.

Therefore, please take the time and:
- contact your upstream (if existing) and ask about the state of a Qt5
port of your application
- if there are no activities regarding porting, investigate whether there are
suitable alternatives for your users
- if there is a Qt5 port that is not yet packaged, consider packaging it
- if both the Qt4 and the Qt5 versions already coexist in the Debian
archives, consider removing the Qt4 version

= Porting =

Some of us where involved in various Qt4 to Qt5 migrations [migration] and we
know for sure that porting stuff from Qt4 to Qt5 is much much easier and less
painful than it was from Qt3 to Qt4.

We also understand that there is still a lot of software still using Qt4.

Don't forget to take a look at the C++ API changes page [apichanges] whenever
you start porting your application.

[migration] http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/packagingqtbasedstuff.html
[apichanges] http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/sourcebreaks.html

For any questions and issues, do not hesitate to contact the Debian Qt/KDE
team at debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org

The removal is being tracked in <https://wiki.debian.org/Qt4Removal>


Apps using Qt4

Situation of apps and libraries using Qt4

Reminder bugs filed against these packages


Extra build dependencies

Qt4-specific (to be removed alongside Qt4 itself)


  • bear 874830 -> "Only used in tests -> removed and tests disabled."

  • calligra 874841 -> Qt5 version in experimental

  • clustalx 874851 Ported to Qt5.

  • edfbrowser 874858 -> Switched to Qt5.

  • goldendict 874895 -> see qt4webkit removal page -> Switched to Qt5.

  • kbibtex 874934 -> "master is Qt5 -> but another kdelibs 4.x version (0.7.0) is planned" Switched to Qt5.

  • hupnp 874906 Removed from the archive.

  • kdevelop -> 5.1 available in sid -> old binaries kept on kfreebsd-*.

  • kdevelop-python -> see above

  • kdesudo 874940 -> "This is Qt 3 -> it should be removed from the archive altogether in favor of kdesu -> see this and bug 875107" Removed, RoM

  • ksaneplugin 874986 Removed, RoM

  • ktp-call-ui 875001 Switched to Qt5 in experimental.

  • kvirc 874998 -> unreleased Qt5 version is in experimental

  • leocad 875006 Switched to Qt5.

  • libkpeople 875023 Removed, RoM, Qt5 version already available.

  • libksane 875024 Removed, RoM. Qt5 since KDE Applications 15.12

  • netemul 875052 Removed, RoM.

  • nuapplet 875060 Removed, RoM.

  • octave 875063 Switched to Qt5.

  • pairs 875080 -> dropped (use the similar activity in gcompris-qt) Removed, RoM.

  • plplot 875101 Ported to Qt5.

  • psi-plus-l10n 875110 Ported to Qt5

  • pythonqt 875108 Switched to Qt5.

  • qt-sdk 875154 Removed, RoM.

  • qtruby 875153 Removed, RoM.

  • rinputd 875170 Removed, RoM

  • sailcut 875175 Already Qt5.

  • unetbootin 875218 -> Removed from the archive, QA. "Known upstream -> should take minimal effort to port -> bumped."