DEP 5 is a DEP currently in ACCEPTED stage.

This specification is now maintained as a standard that is part of the debian-policy package. Please refer to it for the most up to date version of this specification.

Archived discussion

Prior to 2009-03-25, the proposal was being developed on this wiki-page. Discussions that were ongoing on this wiki from that point in time archived at Proposals/CopyrightFormat/Archive.

Open topics for DEP-5

The DEP-5 drivers use this wiki page to manage the "to do" list for it. Please don't edit it in a way that will confuse them. This page is public in the interest of transparency. If you have opinions or suggestions or patches, please bring them up on the debian-project mailing list. Thanks.

Success criteria for DEP-5:

Current topics:

Things that need to be done before DEP-5 is ready:

Things that might be good to have at some point, outside of the spec text:

Differences between DEP5 and SPDX

With current suggestions for what to do.


See CopyrightReviewTools