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This page documents the current workflow used to draft, edit and send out issues of the Debian Project News.

Please note, that the following states only the ideal workflow. Because of some constraints of the editors or due to expected events (e.g. when one ftp-master ask the issue to be delayed for a couple of hours, so the mail he is about to send out can be mentioned in the issue) the following timeline might be stretched.

Current workflow

(As practised more or less by Alexander.)

  1. After every release is moved to the proper location (e.g. 2017/04). Then a new current folder is created and the index.wml-template is copied in there, to start with an empty and fresh news. During that time the "Status"-Field in the header is set to "open-to-edit".

  2. Contributors can now add news to the issue in the current folder:

    • Interesting blog posts are added.
    • Links to interesting discussion on one of our mailing lists are added.
    • If a security advisory is released, we consider adding it, roughly based on importance of package and guessed number of installations.
    • Please see HowToContribute on how to do that.

  3. Some days before the day when the issue is to be released, the remaining texts in the templates are written:
    • New and noteworthy packages are added.
    • The Numbers from the WNPP reports are filled in.
    • Release Critical Bug statistics are filled in.
    • Contributors to this issue are added to the last line (in the Editor field of #use wml::debian::projectnews::footer and to the list of copyright holders on the top.

    • The Numbering of the Paragraphs is checked, to ensure that RSS feeds will work properly.
    • Scripts to do the above are available at

  4. At this point the issue is frozen to give translators time to catch up (and native speakers to fix the remaining errors).
    • The "Status"-Field in the header is set to "string-frozen"
    • Request review at debian-l10n-english and translations at debian-i18n
    • OLD!!!: Ask on DWN translation project / wherever for translations

  5. The day the issue is released:
    • The issue is added to Debian's website repository (Monday morning)
    • Once the website has been rebuild (most likely about noon), it's also available as RSS
    • After that the publicity delegate in charge sends the mail version to the debian-news mailing list (and translators can follow with their mailing lists). He sets the "Status"-Field in the header to "sent".

Problems with the current workflow

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