This page documents the current workflow used by the French translation team to translate and send out issues of the Debian Project News. It welcomes other team experience in order to give some hints to each other.

It relies on the current workflow, and likewise, the following states only the ideal workflow. Because of some constraints of the editors or due to expected events (e.g. when one ftp-master ask the issue to be delayed for a couple of hours, so the mail he is about to send out can be mentioned in the issue) the following timeline might be stretched.

Current workflow

(As practised more or less by the French translation team.)

  1. After every release is moved to the proper location (e.g. 2010/01). Then a new current folder is created and the index.wml-template is copied in there, to start with an empty and fresh translation of the news.

  2. Around a week before the issue is to be published, begin to translate what is already available (in order to avoid last minute, hurry and possibly dirty work).
  3. If enough articles are already in place (say four or five), sent the WIP draft to the debian-l10n-language@l.d.o for review.

  4. When the DPN is string-frozen, try to finish it as quickly as possible, asking for help in debian-l10n-language@l.d.o can be a good idea, and offers to any member the ability to provide at least one translated article (ask explicitly to mention on which article she or he works in order to avoid duplicate).

  5. When the translated DPN is finished hopefully Friday or Saturday, ask for a formal review on debian-l10n-language@l.d.o.

  6. On the next Monday, publish the translated DPN on the website following the original one, and launch a last call for comment on debian-l10n-language@l.d.o.

  7. Two or three days later, send the DPN on debian-news-language@l.d.o.

Remarks and problems with the current workflow

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