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Packages in teTeX or TeXlive with problematic licenses

This is a list of problematic files or CTAN packages in tetex-base and tetex-src, initially taken from tetex-base's copyright file (copyright.header in the source package). Some things are not up-to-date - the extsizes stuff is already resolved, e.g.

Serious problems

  • euler: LPPL according changelog, but no indication in file.
  • adrconv: No license at all for the documentation
  • antp: PD according to catalogue, no statement in the files, no
    • sources; contacted upstream
  • cite: chapterbib.sty is missing a license statement in the header
  • bbm fonts: No license statement. The corresponding macros do have a license, LPPL

  • Problematic files by Donald Arseneau:
    • chapterbib.sty: no license information
    • tabls.sty: no license information
    • import.sty: "this software is free of any restrictions"
    • relsize.sty: "public domain", nothing else
    • version.sty: no license information, not only by D.A.
    • selectp.sty: no license information
    Files only in TeXLive:
    • braket.sty "This is free, unencumbered, unsupported software."
    • conditionals.sty: No license information, not only by D.A.
    • excludeonly.sty: No license information, not only by D.A.
    • notoccite.sty: PD, but license statement could be clearer
    • placeins.tex: No license information
    • sansmath: PD, but could be clearer (what is PD?)
    • tabto.tex: No license information
    • titleref.sty: PD, spell out
    • underscore.sty: No license information
    • varwidth.sty: LPPL, but outdated "short version" included
  • citesort.sty: no license statement
  • extsizes: extsizes.sty, extarticle.cls and extreport.cls, and the
    • size*.clo files have a correct LPPL notice, the others have none. The author seems to be active on Wikipedia, tried to contact him
  • beamericon*: no license statement. beamerexample-seminar: just like
    • seminar, which has not been investigated yet. Filed bug against beamer.
  • one file in the psnfss directory with unclear license:
    • tex/latex/psnfss/8r.sty
  • a4wide.sty: no license statement, obsolete, uses a4.sty, should be removed
  • jurabib: No license for the documentation,

Less serious problems

  • listings: LPPL, plus:
    • 'Modification advice'

    Permission is granted to modify the listings package as well as lstdrvrs.dtx. You are not allowed to distribute a modified version of the listings package or lstdrvrs.dtx unless you change the file names and provide the original files. In any case it is better to contact the address below; other users will welcome removed bugs, new features, and additional programming languages.

This is more restrictive than LPPL 1.3 (6.a and 6.d.2). The title is advice...

  • antt: gust font license, unclear which files % contacted upstream
  • EC fonts: strange license wording, asked Karl Berry to contact Jörg Knappen, the author
  • anysize: public domain, no details (by TE)
  • aeguill: license of documentation unclear, sent mail to author
  • changebar.drv: Outdated file, unclear license, but probably the same as the new one which uses it; remove because it is obsolete.