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= Bug reports = = Reports =
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 * [[https://debtags.debian.org/reports/facets/privacy|Debtags privacy facet]]

Privacy issues in Debian packages

Phone home

Phone elsewhere

  • systemd - Uses Google DNS resolvers as internal default, not explicitly documented: See "FallbackDNS" in systemd-resolved manpage

Data sharing

  • remmina - shares the clipboard with remote hosts over RDP by default
  • pidgin - shares typing notifications with remote peers by default

Data storage

  • web and other servers of various kinds default to logging information about requests over the network from external entities

Detection tools


Issue categories

  • logging & verbose logging

  • homephoning without user consent
    • cleartext
    • TLS
  • featurebug: when a bug is also a feature
  • privacy defaults
    • optin
    • optout
  • traceability
  • no deletion of config files when uninstalling a package