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Debian Wiki printing portal. This portal is about all things related to printers and printing in Debian.

Starting with version 2.3.3op1, Debian has moved from Apple's upstream CUPS repository to using the one maintained at OpenPrinting, which has now become the official upstream home for CUPS. As stated in the OpenPrinting News for March 2021:

Due to the fact that CUPS development at Apple has stopped since the beginning of 2020 we had forked CUPS some months ago to incorporate patches and fixes from the distributions. As Apple did not resume the upstream work on CUPS, we have made OpenPrinting now the official upstream home for CUPS.

From elsewhere:

Michael Sweet is under contract to help produce a "final" Apple CUPS 2.3.5 release, but Apple is no longer actively developing new CUPS features for macOS. OpenPrinting and Apple will share security and bug fixes going forward. OpenPrinting has taken over development of new CUPS features and is working on the next CUPS feature release (2.4).


CUPS is a printing system intended as a replacement for the Berkeley and System V printing systems. It was created by Easy Software Products (ESP) but today is owned and, in the recent past, was developed and maintained by Apple Inc, with the original owner of ESP, Michael R. Sweet, being Senior Printing System Engineer until December 2019. In the days of ESP ownership CUPS was officially known as the Common UNIX Printing System.

The CUPS printing system used in Debian involves complex interactions between the programs contained in many packages. The scheduler, cupsd, is at the heart of the system, but support from a filtering system and a large array of packages is necessary for successful, effortless printing on a wide variety of printers. Having said that, the system appears to work well and there is little sign that Debian users have any great difficulty in setting up local or networked printers and getting them to function correctly. This page is intended to help maintain that situation.

CUPS is the default printing system for Debian but the Berkeley LPR software is also in the archives as lprng. It cannot coexist with cups on the same system.

Administering and using CUPS


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