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The purpose of this wiki page is mainly to track press coverage about Debian in 2020.

News topics are arranged by date, with the latest item listed first. "Reviews" and "General Debian Project coverage" are fixed position topics at the bottom due to wiki formatting limitations (no headings de-indentation / "un-nesting" without new heading).

If possible do not only list press coverage, but try to relate it to respective mails / news / whatever from our side, so we can see, what press published after we made some kind of announcement.

The press coverage pages are result of collective effort of Debian Publicity Team and all occasional contributors.

General Debian Project coverage

* "DPL: Debian project has plenty of money but not enough developers" Project leader Jonathan Carter explains problems facing this key Linux distro. - The Register, 2020-09-10

* "Ampere donates Arm64 server hardware to Debian to fortify the Arm ecosystem" This was a joint press release we published in together with Ampere Computing, 2020-06-16 - some echoes in different IT news aggregators.

* TrueNAS isn’t abandoning BSD—but it is adopting Linux The company's in-development TrueNAS Scale project is based on Debian 11. - Ars Technica, 2020-06-03

* Anmeldung zur DebConf20 ist gestartet - ?, 2020-05-26