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 * Interview with Bdale Garbee (HP's Open Source and Linux chief technologist and former Debian Project Leader) about business models around open source http://m-net.net.nz/latest-news/1357/open-source-support-hooks-a-fallacy-says-linux-expert/1/read.php
 * A Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo (CEAGESP ) migrou de Windows para Debian GNU / Linux gastando apenas R$ 16 mil com uma empresa de consultoria e suporte técnico. http://info.abril.com.br/corporate/edicoes/40/conteudo_205225.shtml

The purpose of this wiki page is mainly to track press coverage about Debian in 2007.

If possible do not only list press coverage, but try to relate it to respective mails / news / whatever from our side, so we can see, what press published after we made some kind of announcement.

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 Woody Archived

The old-stable release of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0, codenamed Woody, has been moved to http://archive.debian.org/ recently. Woody was released on 19th of July, 2002, and was obsoleted by Sarge which was released on 6th of June, 2005. Security support for Woody has been discontinued as of the end of June 2006. http://times.debian.net/1057-woody-archived

Debian Live for PlayStation 3

Debian Live for PS3 http://www.keshi.org/moin/moin.cgi/PS3/Debian/Live

Munich switches to Debian

City of Munich deploys a Debian-based solution for Desktop http://times.debian.net/1020-Munich-Debian-Desktop Please, do not forget to read 2006 press coverage about this subject.

General Coverage


Some Debian Project announcement

Place here the title and link to the original announcement at Debian Project (some list archive, some news page at project, etc).