Google Summer of Code 2021

This page serves as a description of the work done by me during the 3 months of Google Summer of Code 2021 under the project, Android SDK Tools in Debian.

Packaging of these tools involved setting up a GNU make based build system to compile the upstream sources, the commits for which are available under the following repositories at

Overall, the main achievements during this period were:

Git Repositories

Platform Tools

The packaging of Platform Tools expanded on the work done by former GSoC students and Debian maintainers in 3 phases:

Build Tools

The packaging of Build Tools was done from the android-* tags since no dedicated tags are available to build the same tools as in the official zip releases of android-build-tools by Google. The android-build-tools repository contains the GNU make based adaptation of the v10.0.0+r41 upstream sources. Phases of the work on this are:

I gave a talk on this project at the 21st Debian Conference under the room Debian Outreach Projects: Google Summer of Code 2021 (9 minutes into the video).

Having the latest Android SDK tools available in the Debian repositories means that users can use these tools by installing them via apt, rather than having to install the zip releases from Google into non-standard and hard to maintain and update locations.
All the work that I did to accomplish this was done under the guidance and instruction of my mentors, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Chirayu Desai, Andrej Shadura, and Phil Morrell.