Debian PowerPC (ppc32) port

Current status

powerpc has been removed from the list of release architectures.

List of packages that would need to be uploaded to debian-ports

Known working system configurations


With 32bit kernel and userland:

With 64bit kernel and 32bit userland:

Check for more details.



A similar limitation than for the PowerMac3,4 applies to these machines. Tested with the same setup (see below) that worked on later PowerMac3,5 and PowerMac3,6.


Theses systems seem to have a limitation in the firmware that makes it impossible to boot a Linux kernel from GRUB when using a "bigger" disk when installing with automatic partitioning layout (see the thread starting with this post on the for the details). The exact limit is not known, but the used disk was over 300 GB in size and the sector where part of the kernel was stored that couldn't be loaded by GRUB was about 260 GiB into the disk.

This limitation can be avoided by creating a separate partition for /boot near the beginning of the disk (e.g. by choosing the LVM layout at the partitioning step during an installation).

Later Power Macs (tested on PowerMac3,5, PowerMac3,6) don't seem to have this specific firmware limitation. This was tested with a 500 GB disk w/o separate partition for /boot and the partition for / starting at about 400 GB into the disk, so any sectors where parts of the kernel are stored are at minimum 400 GB into the disk. Wether there are limits with bigger ATA disks (up to 1 TB ATA disks existed, see e.g. is not known.


With 64bit kernel and 32bit userland: