This is the FAQ for the PowerPC port.

What kernel to use ?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt maintained a PPC-specific branch for a long time. More information can be found on

Use of 2.6 is recommended for new hardware, as support for PPC hardware has been discontinued in 2.4 series. Using 2.4 kernel is _strongly discouraged_

yaboot isn't booting my initramfs on XFS partition

This is a known bug of yaboot 336993 which prevents an initramfs on /boot on XFS filesystem to properly boot with this error:

"VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"

The cd booting shows me a blue/red screen

This is an issue linked to the default boot resolution. To solve it, press 'alt' 'cmd' 'P' 'R' keys while booting. After a grey screen it will reboots by itself. During this new boot, press the 'C' or 'alt' key.