Podman is a tool for managing containers, pods and container images, available from https://github.com/containers/podman . Debians main development efforts are https://salsa.debian.org/debian/libpod .

podman is available in in stable, testing and unstable => podman.


Podman can be installed directly via apt, optionally choosing an alternative container runtime (runc is installed by default).

apt install podman crun

By default "podman search podman" will return nothing, requiring a full registry to be specified.

podman search --limit 3 quay.io/podman
INDEX    NAME                       DESCRIPTION                                      STARS   OFFICIAL  AUTOMATED
quay.io  quay.io/containers/podman  This public repository contains the "stable"...  0                 
quay.io  quay.io/libpod/testimage   Image used by podman CI testing; see test/sy...  0                 
quay.io  quay.io/podman/stable      This public repository contains the "stable"...  0    

To enable searching registries without specifying them:

mkdir -p $HOME/.config/containers
echo 'unqualified-search-registries=["docker.io", "quay.io"]' > $HOME/.config/containers/registries.conf

search will now find results on those registries.

podman search podman
INDEX      NAME                                                                DESCRIPTION                                      STARS   OFFICIAL  AUTOMATED
docker.io  docker.io/mgoltzsche/podman                                         Provides podman and its dependencies statica...  3                 
docker.io  docker.io/marshallford/podman                                       https://github.com/marshallford/podman           2                 
docker.io  docker.io/agrozyme/podman-qemu                                      Alpine-based image with podman and qemu. Eas...  0                 
docker.io  docker.io/greyarch/podman                                           Podman image for use in CI/CD workflows          0       
[... cut other results ...]
podman search podman |wc -l

See https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/8896 for more background. Be aware there may be security implications with 'podman pull' as a result of this change

Using CLI

Podman offers practically the same CLI commands as Docker ones. Type podman in place of sudo docker.

Installing podman-docker package allows us to use docker for podman.

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