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  * use-system-libmythes - [[http://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/7288|7288]] Submitted to upstream, waiting for more comments.

LyX is collaboratively maintained in the pkg-lyx Alioth project. It is currently maintained by PerOlofsson and SvenHoexter.


  • Send patches upstream. We should aim at having a minimal packaging, as much as possible should be sent upstream. Only Debian-specific and "packaging-specific" stuff should be kept.
    • prefer-xdg-open - Will be Debian specific until all other issue with xdg-open are solved. Discussion on lyx-devel.

    • use-system-libmythes - 7288 Submitted to upstream, waiting for more comments.

  • Monitor the defoma removal because of ttf-lyx.

    • I guess the only reason for using defoma in ttf-lyx is because x-ttcidfont-conf (is anybody still using it?). Ghostscript et al should obviously not use ttf-lyx, they have other fonts. --PerOlofsson