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 * Integrate changes from Ubuntu.

LyX is collaboratively maintained in the pkg-lyx Alioth project. It is currently maintained by SvenHoexter, PerOlofsson and ?GeorgBaum.


  • Fix bugs in the BTS
  • Upload 1.4.2 (not released yet)


  • Rework the post* scripts to be only called when really necessary
  • remove the commented out lines from rules


  • look which changes to the packaging are required - Diff between 1.3.6 packaging and Georgs unoffical package is here: ftp://hxt.homelinux.org/debstuff/136-vs-142georg.diff

  • sort out the bugreports -> ask for feedback for all others

  • Which version is the right one unless 1.4.2 is released - 1.3.6+1.4.2svn2006..., 1.4.1+1.4.2svn2006..., 1.4.2svn2006...
    • The version number must be lower than 1.4.2-1. Use dpkg --compare-versions to check.
  • Should we recommend rcs and dvipost or depend on them?
  • Make it binNMU-safe.
  • Send patches upstream.
  • Maybe we can speed up the build process with Georg's changes...