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 * Migrate all forwarded Bugs from the old Bugzilla links to the new Trac setup used upstream.

LyX is collaboratively maintained in the pkg-lyx Alioth project. It is currently maintained by PerOlofsson and SvenHoexter.


  • Send patches upstream. We should aim at having a minimal packaging, as much as possible should be sent upstream. Only Debian-specific and "packaging-specific" stuff should be kept.
  • Solve the rpath problem on amd64.
    • I wonder if this bug still exists. Needs to be tested. --PerOlofsson

    • It does. See thread on debian-devel. --PerOlofsson

    • We should probably ask upstream to libtoolize with a newer libtool. But I'm not sure which version is needed - is it perhaps only fixed in Debian?
    • Seems to be only fixed in Debian. http://wiki.debian.org/RpathIssue I need to get my hands on a amd64 installation to try out which of the outlined solutions could work best for LyX. --SvenHoexter

  • Provide a backport for Lenny
  • The bash_completion file can eventually be integrated upstream. LyX Bugzilla lyx-devel

  • Cleanup the Replaces and Conflicts at some point.
  • Move latex-xft-fonts binary package into the lyx source package.
  • Maybe package eLyXer under the pkg-lyx umbrella?