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Exim Packages for Debian

Exim is the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) installed by default on new debian installations. On this web page, the Debian exim maintainers would like to deliver information important for users and developers.

The packages are named exim4 for historical reasons.

There are lots of excellent documentation for exim. The first file to read under debian is README.Debian (linked below) Then one ought to read the specification file; /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/spec.txt

Please note that the debian configuration is different from the default exim configuration found on other systems. This is why it is imperative that one reads the debian documentation when setting up exim.

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Subversion Repository

The Debian Exim 4 packages are developed in Subversion.

For Tags and Branches, replace trunk with tags or branches. Especially for exim4, the tags directory is huge!

The svn repository only holds the debian/ subdir of the source package. svn-buildpackage and dpatch can handle this case, allowing nearly transparent work with a much smaller repository.

You can subscribe to repository change notifications through the CVS feature in the Debian PTS. The svn repository for exim4 is appropriately set up.

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