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should contain a command that the stuff to sign gets piped to.

 gpg --clearsign --secret-keyring ~/.gnupg/dpatch-arch_sec.gpg --keyring ~/.gnupg/dpatch-arch_pub.gpg

does this, with a custom keyring.

in ~/.arch-params/hook will send e-mail to dpatch_cvs@packages.qa.d.o on commit, with the log and the diff.

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Q: When invoking tla changes, I get the following:

 $ tla changes
 * looking for dpatch@packages.qa.debian.org--archive/dpatch--mainline--2.0--patch-111 to compare with
 PANIC: invoke_tar_extract: execve for hook script returned to caller
 tla: error running hook `make-pristine' (2)

What am I doing wrong?

A: ~/.arch-params/hook is missing the starting #! line

Q: After trying to commit without having GPG set up, further commit attempts fail:

 arch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (internal error in archive-pfs.c(pfs_lock_revision))
    tree: /home/mh/dpatch/dpatch
    revision: dpatch@packages.qa.debian.org--archive/dpatch--mainline--2.0--patch-112

A: Break the lock using

 tla lock-revisions -b dpatch@packages.qa.debian.org--archive/dpatch--mainline--2.0--patch-112

In some circumstances, you need to break the lock on the preceding revision as well.