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Open issues for the Perl 5.22 transition + coordinating

Issues which show up in the transition tracker


  • qdbm, subversion: these seem to be victims of an openjdk-7 jre SIGSEGV regression on arm64
    • ntyni asked about this on #debian-arm
    • both built after a give-back, wookey suspects a local problem on arm-arm-01 buildd
    • not sure if we should still file a bug
  • libdevel-bt-perl is a long-standing problem (721421)

    • we should probably make the survive test suite failures as they generally seem to be issues in gdb rather libdevel-bt-perl
    • but libdevel-bt-perl is a leaf package I think so it can go for now (ntyni)
  • [DONE] libalien-wxwidgets-perl: wxwidgets version detection logic broken and not binNMU safe (808284)

  • ifeffit is non-free, needs a bug and a manual upload
    • bug filed
  • libb-hooks-op-check-entersubforcv-perl: longstanding issue, can be removed from testing: (787499)

  • libdevel-findref-perl: (787446)

  • libsbml: pochu will poke mono people
  • rrdtool: FTBFS on mips: `FAIL: tune2 805391

    • also fails with CC=gcc-4.9
    • also fails with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt
  • postgresql-9.4: test suite failures
    • reproducible.d.n last successfully built this on 20151211
    • builds with libxml2_2.9.2+zdfsg1-4 on amd64, so regressed with 2.9.3+dfsg1-1
    • #808325 filed
  • libsendmail-milter-perl: (807392)

  • linux-tools: looks like it's defending against binNMUs or something
  • [DONE] libchemistry-formula-perl: depends on perlapi-* even though it's arch:all, presumably due to a packlist file that's in vendorarch
    • needs a bug and a sourceful upload to become installable again

Other issues

  • perl5 (Dom mostly filing/fixing)