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Perl is just another high level programming language that supports object-oriented, procedural and/or functional programming.

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Perl and Debian

Perl versions on Debian



<!> Note: It is discouraged to change the system Perl interpreter and libraries.

Lot of Debian and GNU tools, use Perl. Lot of system core components, packaging internals and other critical points, rely on Perl versions.

If you've some unmet requirements about the Perl interpreter version, TIMTOWTDI (There Is More Than One Way To Do It):

The idea is: isolate the change, and let the system using supported versions.

If your system doesn't have compilation tools, you will need the build-essential package.

Debian Developer Documentation

The Debian Perl Team, has the following target:

You can read more at:

Some notes on PerlMaintenance are available.

Debian User Documentation

If you have only perl-base installed, and you're planing to develop Perl code, be sure to run this command as root:

aptitude install perl perl-doc

If you prefer HTML, you can add perl-doc-html to the line and point your browser to file:///usr/share/doc/perl-doc-html/html/index.html


You can start by reading the PerlFAQ.

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