People Behind Debian - Interview Series

People Behind Debian is an interview series with people who play (important) roles in the Debian eco-system edited by Raphaël Hertzog and published e.g. on PlanetDebian.

Interviews so far

  1. Joey Hess of debhelper fame

  2. Colin Watson, the tireless man-db maintainer and a debian-installer developer

  3. David Kalnischkies, an APT developer

  4. Mehdi Dogguy, release assistant

  5. Michael Vogt, synaptic and APT developer

  6. Mike Hommey, Firefox/Iceweasel maintainer

  7. Maximilian Attems, member of the kernel team

  8. Christian Perrier, translation coordinator

  9. Bdale Garbee, chair of the technical committee

  10. Adam D. Barratt, release manager

  11. Meike Reichle, member of Debian Women

  12. Steve Langasek, release wizard

  13. Philipp Kern, Stable Release Manager

  14. Sam Hartman, Kerberos package maintainer

  15. Martin Michlmayr, former Debian Project Leader

  16. Margarita Manterola, Debian Women member

  17. Peter Palfrader, Debian System Administrator

  18. Raphaël Hertzog, dpkg maintainer, book author (Interview done by Christian Perrier)

  19. Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s founder

  20. Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian Project Leader

  21. Ben Hutchings, member of the kernel team

  22. Steve McIntyre, debian-cd maintainer, former Debian Project Leader

  23. Josselin Mouette, founder of the pkg-gnome team, python-support maintainer

  24. Ana Beatriz Guerrero López, member of the Debian KDE team

  25. Gregor Herrmann, member of the Perl team

  26. Jörg Jaspert, FTPmaster, DAM, and more

  27. Francesca Ciceri, member of the Press & Publicity Team

  28. Samuel Thibault, working on accessibility and the Hurd

Interview partners suggested by others

Do you want to read someone specific in such an interview, add their name and maybe a short reason why below.

  1. Aurelien Jarno: eglibc maintainer and generic porter
  2. Rhonda D'Vine: Tireless Debian WWW Team member; Games packager; Ubuntu MOTU; GRML Developer; Backports FTP-Master
  3. Mika Prokop: GRML Project Leader, Open Source Project Management book author
  4. Cyril Brulebois: Debian Installer; Debian Boot Team
  5. Michael Meskes: Head of Credativ; maintainer of tons of ACPI stuff
  6. Neil Williams: Emdebian
  7. Christoph Berg: From NM applicant to NM Frontdesk and DAM in no time; Infrastructure Scripts and Webapps (QA, MIA), maintainer
  8. Martin Zobel-Helas: Release Team, former SRM; List-Master; DSA
  9. Martin "Joey" Schulze: Former Debian Security Team member, former SRM
  10. Mario Lang: Yet another blind DD, packaging a lot of accessibility stuff
  11. Luca Capello: Debian Events Coordinator; Merchandising producer; former president; bid initiator

  12. Christoph Egger: kFreeBSD buildd admin and porter
  13. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl: former FTP-Master Assistant
  14. Holger Levsen: Piuparts, DebConf Video Team

  15. Petter Reinholdtsen: former Maintainer of sysvinit and insserv
  16. Justin B Rye: He is "the debian-l10n-english core team" - continously improving debconf templates and package descriptions.
  17. Beatrice Torracca - tireless Italian translator of package descriptions
  18. (translating) Debian contributors (still?) without Debian hats on - e.g. Davide Prina (same as Beatrice), Chris Leick, Holger Wansing.
  19. Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo - current Aptitude maintainer
  20. add your suggestion here