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Other contact information is available on my website.


For more information about my involvement in Debian, please see my portfolio page. Below is some more information that is not available from my portfolio page.


I use the following packages from Debian contrib/non-free (and their deps):




Please consider my contributions to this wiki as public domain.

Comments, flames, etc

None yet :)

- 2014-03-29 - A comment, Not a flame I hope :). I see you updated some pages with the new suite macros (which are a great thing for translators too!), but I have some doubts about the changes to, e.g. DebianStable. The new version does not have a link anymore to the DebianWheezy page which has all sort of info on the life cycle of wheezy. Sadly this kind of interwiki link does not seem to work.

[[DebianWheezy|Debian <<DebianCodename(stable)>>]]

Can you think of a way to keep the suite macros, and at the same time keep the link to the Wheezy page, which looks useful to me?

Please remove this comment once you read it. Thanks, beatrice

Stuff to consider packaging

Cool software/stuff that I saw on blogs/elsewhere and thought should be in Debian or Debian Unsupported at some point. Note that it isn't necessarily stuff I would use, just that the people who might would appreciate it a lot. This was festering in my ~/TODO so I decided it needed airing out. I've moved the list of links into an interesting software subpage.

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