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pabs3 on irc.libera.chat<<BR>>


Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>
pabs@debian.org on XMPP
pabs on irc.oftc.net
pabs3 on irc.libera.chat
pabs3 on irc.freenode.net.

Other contact information is available on my website.


For more information about my involvement in Debian, please see my portfolio page. Below is some more information that is not available from my portfolio page.


I use the following packages from Debian contrib/non-free (and their deps):

  • Hardware enablement: intel-microcode firmware-iwlwifi firmware-realtek firmware-misc-nonfree
  • GFDL GNU documentation: gcc-doc gdb-doc make-doc tar-doc
  • Tor Browser: torbrowser-launcher onionshare
  • Web services: translate-shell



  • comms:
  • merge unofficial tools and services into official services/systems

  • merge debian-ports mirror stuff into the Debian mirror stuff <1455925978.3531.43.camel@debian.org>

  • web stuff: replace all contact information with a link to www.d.o/contact to ensure people don't annoy various aliases with user support questions
  • general, per-distribution mechanism to list releases and their URLs/order/support/etc. This should replace all the hardcoding of release names in various places. (761348)

  • ending the tyranny of unix permissions/groups - move more projects to collab-maint
  • better general, per-release and per-package communication mechanisms with Debian users.
  • get rid of templates in various places and replace them with forms that must be filled out. Known: reportbug mentors-rfs-template
  • automated sentiment analysis to find out about community/individual satisfaction

  • DEP-11 component search on packages.d.o
  • polls infrastructure
  • a way for manual pages to be autodownloaded

  • convince all upstreams to switch from Flash to ?JavaScript, purge all .swf/.fla files and software for building from Debian

  • convince all upstreams to stop parsing /proc/cpuinfo

  • move to using www.debian.org as the source location for dents/tweets and produce feeds for import into various social networks
  • better workflows for Debian press releases and DPN
  • a mirrorbrain instance for ISO image redirecting
  • better ways for users to get a copy of Debian
  • generation of source code indexes for offline code searching
  • map information flow from every file in a source package to every file in binary packages
  • reduce and track static linking

  • reduce and track embedded code and data copies

  • reduce and track hardcoded release names, versions and architectures

  • reduce and mitigate general and repository vulnerabilities

  • reduce non-reproducible builds (inc build arch variation)
  • reduce non-multi-arch libraries
  • reduce non-cross-buildable packages
  • reduce privacy-violating packages
  • reduce packages causing freedom issues

  • refocus DebConf and Debian funding on regular donations by individuals

  • d-i:
    • get rid of the concept of default desktops
    • more integration of Debian blends
    • support for touchscreen-only and mobile devices
    • OEM mode
    • tell you about freedom issues with whatever you are running Debian on (hardware, hypervisor, kernel etc)
      • post-install for OEM mode
    • options for checking the hardware - memtest86+ badblocks etc
    • make debootstrap apt-mark auto everything except what it installs
  • dpkg/apt/aptitude:
    • Supersedes to get rid of transition packages
    • allow packages to register files as belonging to them
    • a mode where packages can be generically-configured but not configured for specific machines (useful for OEM/Live images, OpenSSH keys for eg are machine-specific and should not be in OEM/Live images).
    • integration with debdelta
    • sync dpkg and aptitude holds
    • a way to keep build-deps installed without metapackages for each source package
    • make apt not forget its brain when there are hash mismatches
    • build-depends on source packages
    • architecture wildcards for linux-all, kfreebsd-all, etc for things that could be built once but only work on specific kernels.
    • ways to direct/encourage user donations to upstreams/Debian
    • cut down packages/sources per blend in dists
    • cut down packages/sources per non-free section in dists
    • option to be silent so that postinst errors are more visible (288778)

  • deployment
    • automatically build one Flatpak for each Debian binary packages as an easier alternative to backports, dependencies and the app itself go into a per-binary-package runtime and some symlinks go into the app
    • automatically build other types of containers
  • remove Debian-specific stuff
    • menu
    • port aptitude/synaptic/etc to PackageKit

    • split branding into separate packages
  • QA
    • add more to UDD
    • base more services on UDD
    • revive mole, reimplement DACA in mole and add more tests

    • infra for a "QA cloud" based on donating CPU time
    • source package search based on LXR/OpenGrok/etc
    • automated detection of embedded code copies (CloneWise)

    • revive DDPO-by-mail
    • survey use of QA infra by Debian contributors
    • fix upstream check situation
    • unified dynamic infrastructure instead of daily-built and split up into multiple interfaces
    • merge bts-link into debbugs
    • use distromatch to link to patches, bugs etc from other distributions
    • export sponsor info into mentors.d.n sources
    • bapase to pts
    • mole to pts
    • compare upstream VCS repositories to tarballs
  • release
    • reduce the impact of the freeze on development
    • mail people when their packages do not migrate instead of when they do
    • oldstable security support until stable+1 release
    • clarify/obsolete the conflation between bug severity and RC-ness
    • support information in Release files and user notification
    • transition staging areas
  • revive package promotion/reviews and promote them from packages.d.o (543343)

  • figure out a solution for dotfile insanity
  • delete obsolete files from ~/ on package upgrade/removal
  • debconf:
    • use audio source speaker separation (like manyears) to separate and re-mix conference audio

    • use transparent slides to overlay speaker's text on speaker's video
    • microphone drones to capture more of the audience questions
    • a virtual DebConf every 3/6 months

    • something like FUDcon, which is a *users* conference more than a dev one
    • talk accessibility for deaf/blind attendees


Things I wanted that are done!


Please consider my contributions to this wiki as public domain.

Comments, flames, etc

None yet :)

Stuff to consider packaging

Cool software/stuff that I saw on blogs/elsewhere and thought should be in Debian or Debian Unsupported at some point. Note that it isn't necessarily stuff I would use, just that the people who might would appreciate it a lot. This was festering in my ~/TODO so I decided it needed airing out. I've moved the list of links into an interesting software subpage.

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