I'm not a Debian Developer yet, but I'm contributing to Debian since around the end of 2006. I'm sitting in the NM Queue, and recently got PaulWise assigned as AM.

Starting with co-maintaining smstools and adopting mantis to bring it in a good shape, I became more involved with Debian over the past months, by adopting or creating new packages, providing patches to mostly trivial problems (such as missing manpages, missing or defunctioning debian/watch files, FTBFS-errors etc.) and providing one QA upload.

My QA Developer page

BTW. I maintain all my packages in the collab-maint Subversion Repository at Alioth. So if anyfound finds a bug that I cannot fix in a reasonable time for some reason, and you have access to collab-maint, feel free to commit changes to my packages. Besides that: I don't have problems with low waiting times for NMU'ing my packages (in fact I appreciate that), but normally I'm contactable and responsive so please give me at least a day to respond:)

My goals for my work in Debian

I'm not working to become part of a specific team or reach into the "higher" levels at Debian. What I want to do is enhancement. By providing good packages and helping here and there. I'm happy if my contributions help others to do their work better and off course I like fixing my own problems ;-)

Provided patches:

#462686 - Make debcommit work with colordiff

#462758 - Add option to debcommit to enable the user to edit the commit message before actually comitting :)

#457977 - Add option to dget to --build a package after download

#459888 - Not my patch, but I investigated into this problem, found that patch and reported the solution to the BTS.

#454400 - Fix the (new) sudo password prompt by adding a placeholder %p to be supported by sudo that always requests the password of the person whose password is required instead of always 'root'.

#399699 - manpage for grub-set-default

#442477 - manpage for bashbug (however; not yet integratedn and besides there are two other provided manpages, where one that was provided after mine is probably the better choice)

#449434 - manpage for gconf-schemas

Provided QA upload(s):

dillo (0.8.6-1)