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[DIFF] 17:53 [INFO] ?DylannCordel Corrections de conjugaison principalement
[DIFF] 16:56 [INFO] AndreasTille [1-4] #01 Paul Novotny packaging opensurgsim
#02 Corentin Desfarges packaging camp
#03 Ian Wallace packaging openemr
#04 Stephen Smith - phyutility
[DIFF] 16:46 [INFO] SamuelThibault [1-5] #01 uploaded kde-runtime
#02 Uploaded xmms2
#03 uploaded mplayer
#04 Uploaded xine-lib-1.2
#05 uploaded gvfs
[DIFF] 15:50 [INFO] josch fix grep-dctrl command
[DIFF] 14:38 [INFO] josch [1-2] #01 add bug number
#02 add todo notes
[DIFF] 14:28 [INFO] AlexanderAlemayhu [1,3]
KnutYrvin [2]
#01 correct dates from template
#02 added informative text about the gathering
#03 Preparing wiki page for BSP 21-22 March in Oslo
[DIFF] 14:16 [INFO] ?AlexMuntada update budget for 6 non-local people
[DIFF] 12:57 [INFO] XTaran Mention #778462 and Example
[DIFF] 12:33 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Automated submission
[DIFF] 12:09 [INFO] mai [1-29] #03 GER inst
#09 URI
#10 Upload of attachment 'brlpr.png'.
#16 brother MFC7440N
#18 brother MFC7440N brfaxd
#25 brother MFC7440N brfaxd
#27 brother MFC7440N
#29 brother MFC7440N brfaxd
[DIFF] 07:15 [INFO] PaulWise https everywhere
[DIFF] 07:03 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
mai [2-5]
#01 remove duplicate search
#05 bro
[DIFF] 06:51 [INFO] mai
[DIFF] 06:50 [INFO] mai
[DIFF] 06:42 [INFO] mai brother added
[DIFF] 06:41 [INFO] mai
[DIFF] 06:40 [INFO] mai [1-2] #02 brother MFC7440N brfaxd
[DIFF] 06:38 [INFO] KåreThorOlsen February spam cleaning
[DIFF] 00:07 [INFO] ?aguirreif
[DIFF] 23:47 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Translation of Traduzioni...
[DIFF] 23:34 [INFO] JPierreGiraud s / http/https for d.o. URL
[DIFF] 23:30 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 22:11 [INFO] ?TobiasHansen Further necessary step to build against Debian packages.
[DIFF] 21:20 [INFO] ?BasCouwenberg [1-50] #01 buffers is in-progress
#02 Add ITP for buffers
#03 Add ITP for mkdirp
#04 Add ITP for binary
#05 Add ITP for mkpath
#06 Add ITP for entities
#07 Add ITP for entities
#08 Add ITP for escape-html
#09 Add ITP for depd
#10 Add ITP for ansi
#11 Add ITP for wordwrap
#12 Add ITP for amdefine
#13 Add ITP for inherits
#14 Add ITP for block-stream
#15 Add ITP for json-stringify-safe
#16 Add ITP for expect.js
#17 Add ITP for q
#18 Add RFS for readable-stream
#19 Add ITP for abbrev
#20 Add ITP for nopt
#21 Mark chainsaw as Done
#22 Add ITP for rimraf
#23 Add ITP for rimraf
#24 Add ITP for temp
#25 Add ITP for rbush
#26 Add ITP for decompress-zip
#27 Add ITP for tmp
#28 Add ITP for q
#29 Add ITP for junk
#30 Add progress for optimist
#31 Add RFP for mout
#32 Add ITP for minimist
#33 Add ITP for globule
#34 Add ITP for
#35 Add RFP for get-down
#36 Add RFP for handlebars
#37 Add ITP for gaze
#38 Add ITP for acorn
#39 Add RFP for bluebird
#40 Add RFP for foreachasync
#41 Add RFP for nomnom
#42 Add RFP for walk
#43 Add RFP for closure-util
#44 Add RFP for jshint
#45 Add RFP for fs-extra
#46 Add RFP for mocha-phantomjs
#47 Add RFP for jsdoc
#48 Add ITP for proj4js
#49 Add ITP for OpenLayers 3
#50 Create openlayers task
[DIFF] 21:00 [INFO] moomoc
[DIFF] 20:55 [INFO] SamuelThibault also make people show their card list
[DIFF] 20:14 [INFO] adria 2015/02 was added
[DIFF] 20:07 [INFO] adria 2015/02 was added
[DIFF] 19:56 [INFO] adria 2015/02 was added
[DIFF] 18:35 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 18:25 [INFO] JPierreGiraud [1-2] #01 Sync with English master
#02 Sync with English master
[DIFF] 18:24 [INFO] JPierreGiraud formatting
[DIFF] 18:00 [INFO] ?UlrikeUhlig [1-2] #01 update todo
#02 add meeting notes
[DIFF] 17:55 [INFO] ?AndreasMundt [1-3] #01 mention kFreeBSD, Hurd, wording
#02 typo
#03 Update for Jessie (feel free to modify)
[DIFF] 16:45 [INFO] ?WMartinBorgert added remark about prosody
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] ?SergiyKolesnikov
[DIFF] 16:00 [INFO] ?BasCouwenberg [1-2] #01 Rename openlayers task
#02 Add OpenLayers to Opened Tasks
[DIFF] 15:44 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca added February
[DIFF] 14:55 [INFO] ?ChristopherHicks [1-2] #01 fix URL syntax
#02 mention megamap; reflow prev. paragraph; clarify CLI availability in the table at the top
[DIFF] 14:05 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca
[DIFF] 13:18 [INFO] ?BaptisteJ [1]
JPierreGiraud [2]
#02 add february 2015
[DIFF] 13:15 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca [1-2] #01 completed (for now) section on DDTP info pages
#02 reorganized + more info on DDTP pages on the net - Work in Progress.
[DIFF] 12:25 [INFO] JPierreGiraud fix typo
[DIFF] 12:20 [INFO] JPierreGiraud fix typo
[DIFF] 12:13 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 10:35 [INFO] kao [1-2] #01 change [[LXC/LibVirtDefault Network]] to [[fr/LXC/LibVirtDefa ultNetwork|LXC/LibVi rtDefaultNetwork]]
#02 change [[LXC/VlanNetworking ]] to [[fr/LXC/VlanNetwork ing|LXC/VlanNetworki ng]]
[DIFF] 10:32 [INFO] kao translate to french
[DIFF] 10:30 [INFO] kao add link to the french page
[DIFF] 09:14 [INFO] kao
[DIFF] 09:11 [INFO] kao add link to the french page
[DIFF] 03:35 [INFO] rrs add more clarity on the project deliverables.
[DIFF] 00:32 [INFO] JPierreGiraud typo
[DIFF] 00:27 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master + fix
[DIFF] 00:13 [INFO] JPierreGiraud [1-2] #01 gallicizing link
#02 Sync with English master
[DIFF] 21:24 [INFO] kao sync with English master
[DIFF] 18:28 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 18:01 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 17:59 [INFO] kao add link to the french page
[DIFF] 17:58 [INFO] kao translation to french
[DIFF] 17:57 [INFO] FedericoCeratto [1-4] #01 Add RFP/ITP links
#02 Add OSQA
#03 Add Askbot
#04 Add Q&A section and Shapado
[DIFF] 17:54 [INFO] JPierreGiraud fix typo
[DIFF] 17:53 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 17:41 [INFO] JPierreGiraud Sync with English master
[DIFF] 17:13 [INFO] JPierreGiraud fix typo
[DIFF] 17:00 [INFO] kao sync with English master
[DIFF] 16:56 [INFO] kao update LXC link to the page
[DIFF] 16:43 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca minor fix + uniformed translation header to most of pages format
[DIFF] 16:36 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 16:29 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 16:24 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 16:06 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 16:05 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 15:59 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 15:59 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca interwiki DebPkg -> DebianPkg plus External links section
[DIFF] 15:57 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca put external links in "External links" not sure if or the bts should be considered external to the wiki (kept them in "See also")
[DIFF] 15:56 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 15:52 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 15:50 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca Renamed from 'AfterInstalled'. page is not in English
[DIFF] 15:45 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca added translation header and link to IT page + minor formatting fix
[DIFF] 15:44 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca first translated version
[DIFF] 15:36 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with English master
[DIFF] 15:15 [INFO] Lunar add another article
[DIFF] 09:47 [INFO] LaszloKajan
[DELETED] 08:55 [INFO] ?liu shiwei [1-2]
[DIFF] 08:47 [INFO] ?liu shiwei
[DIFF] 08:39 [INFO] ?MaximDunaevsky Added info about UEFI installer
[DIFF] 05:56 [INFO] PaulWise fix logo URL
[DIFF] 04:25 [INFO] AntonioTerceiro [1-2]
[DIFF] 03:11 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 drop lintian row as there is a now a page for it
#02 add suggestion of no spaces in page names
[DIFF] 00:50 [INFO] PaulWise new status copied from channel topic
[DIFF] 19:43 [INFO] ?AllenBlaylock [1-2] #01 Missed comment about Unreleased being necessary.
#02 http://ftp.debian.or g/debian unreleased main doesn't exist but sid now does.
[DIFF] 15:02 [INFO] ?PierceTyler added getting help section along with several useful links
[DIFF] 14:39 [INFO] scorpi Wireless needs non-free driver
[DIFF] 13:40 [INFO] scorpi Added Information previously missing models as of February 2015
[DIFF] 12:54 [INFO] ErwanPrioul [1]
Ana [2]
[DIFF] 12:27 [INFO] AndreasRönnquist Fix link
[DIFF] 11:27 [INFO] Lunar [1-2] #01 Upload of attachment 'owncloud_7.0.4+dfsg -2.debbindiff.html'.
#02 add an entry about umask
[DIFF] 11:21 [INFO] Lunar add umask
[DIFF] 11:21 [INFO] Lunar
[DIFF] 11:06 [INFO] ?Sylvestre Ledru New idea
[DIFF] 08:53 [INFO] ErikAuerswald how to recover from a failed apt-get updated
[DIFF] 04:56 [INFO] ?TomRoche link to FUSE
[DIFF] 04:54 [INFO] ?HunterMonroe
[DIFF] 00:21 [INFO] PaulWise C1 has 1GB RAM
[DIFF] 18:08 [INFO] ?ReinerHerrmann created page
[DIFF] 16:01 [INFO] PaulWise add more urls
[DIFF] 13:23 [INFO] kao add link to the french page
[DIFF] 13:16 [INFO] AndreasTille vsearch
[DIFF] 11:43 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
?QuinnTinsl [2]
#01 Revert to revision 7.
[DIFF] 11:02 [INFO] StefanoZacchiroli
[DIFF] 10:00 [INFO] ?ValentinaManea [1-12]
[DIFF] 07:42 [INFO] GuillemJover [1]
AsheeshLaroia [2]
#01 Remove template leftover
#02 Add public UDD mirror
[DIFF] 07:18 [INFO] NielsThykier Use https by default
[DIFF] 03:45 [INFO] PaulWise add clonewise link so it doesn't get lost
[DIFF] 03:25 [INFO] PaulWise
[DIFF] 03:09 [INFO] PaulWise [1-3] #01 https everywhere
#02 advertise the mirror more
#03 add UDD public mirror
[DIFF] 22:46 [INFO] ?OllyBetts
[DIFF] 22:26 [INFO] ?DeanHamstead [1-2] #01 How to configure SPF
#02 Make things one command easier.
[DIFF] 20:15 [INFO] ?MatthewBurton
[DIFF] 20:10 [INFO] ?MatthewBurton
[DIFF] 19:35 [INFO] NielsThykier Add
[DIFF] 17:11 [INFO] AndrewSB
[DIFF] 15:50 [INFO] MatthieuCaneill
[DIFF] 14:34 [INFO] Enrique Acosta
[DIFF] 13:06 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #02 sync with template
[DIFF] 13:03 [INFO] PaulWise sync with template
[DIFF] 12:57 [INFO] PaulWise sync with template
[DIFF] 12:51 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 woops
#02 sync with template
[DELETED] 11:00 [INFO] StefanoZacchiroli Renamed from 'SummerOfCode2015/Ou treachyProjects/Debs ources as a platform'.
[DELETED] 10:59 [INFO] StefanoZacchiroli
[DIFF] 10:34 [INFO] GuillemJover Add dpkg bug report
[DIFF] 09:58 [INFO] kao minor fix i.e. -> c'est à dire
[DIFF] 09:14 [INFO] LucasNussbaum
[DIFF] 08:04 [INFO] AndreyMihalev [1-3] #03 Требуется проверка и правка
[DIFF] 07:14 [INFO] ?RileyBaird Fixed spelling error (as -> ask)
[DIFF] 18:42 [INFO] ?MisterHat
[DIFF] 16:57 [INFO] AndreasRönnquist Sync with English
[DIFF] 16:56 [INFO] AndreasRönnquist Fix link to Thunderbird/Icedove (anchor is "icedove" now), rearrange order
[DIFF] 16:18 [INFO] PaulWise
[DIFF] 15:14 [INFO] ?UlrikeUhlig [1-2] #02 document how to create a remote branch directly
[DIFF] 12:54 [INFO] RaphaelHertzog [1-3] #01 Harmonize titles
#02 fix list markup
#03 Clean up the page and add CVE triaging instructions
[DIFF] 12:04 [INFO] FedericoCeratto
[DIFF] 05:46 [INFO] PaulWise DebianPackage interwiki
[DIFF] 05:44 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 DebianPackage interwiki
#02 https everywhere


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