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 * [[http://pkg-haskell.alioth.debian.org/haskell-policy/|Haskell]] - libraries (outdated, updating is listed as TODO item on [[Haskell]])  * [[Teams/DebianHaskellGroup|Haskell]] - libraries
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 * [[http://pkg-lua.alioth.debian.org/policy.html|Lua]] - modules  * [[https://salsa.debian.org/lua-team|Lua]] - modules
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 * [[http://pkg-ocaml-maint.alioth.debian.org/ocaml_packaging_policy.html/index.html|OCaml]] - libraries  * [[Teams/OCamlTaskForce|OCaml]] - libraries
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 * [[Diagrams]] - packaging related diagrams and sketches

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Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome to Debian packaging portal

Portal/IDB/icon-template-32x32.png This portal talk about information relevant to developers wishing to package software for Debian..

Debian packages are maintained by a community of Debian Developers and volunteers.
If you were looking for information on installing and removing packages from your Debian system,
see the package management pages instead.

If you're just starting out with Debian packaging, please read the official documentation first:

Introduction to Debian Packaging

To get a good grounding in Debian packaging:

Now that you have seen the basics, it is highly recommended that you read some real stuff:

Then, if you are looking for answers, you can come back here or read:

What not to do:

  • There are no shortcuts to learning good packaging practices. Avoid equivs which is only useful for building trivial metapackages and does not teach you anything about packaging.

Packaging Procedures

Types / Formats


Advanced Procedures

Useful Pages

Training Sessions

From Debian Women

DebianWomen organise interesting training sessions.

See also:

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