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  * first read the excellent [[IntroDebianPackaging|introduction to Debian Packaging]].   * first read the excellent [[IntroDebianPackaging|introduction to Debian Packaging]] to build a package from scratch,
  * or the [[BuildingTutorial|buiding tutorial]] to apply changes to an existing package
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 * [[BuildingTutorial|a buiding tutorial]]

When you seriously think about packaging as new comer to Debian, please read the official documentation :

Why Packaging

Whether you want

  • to install some programs or data on several computers
  • the packaging system to take care of updates
  • to help the Debian project.

Introduction to Debian Packaging

If you need to create rapidly a package, use equivs :

  • read first ?how to create an empty package

  • then read how to create a ?package with some files

If you prefere to gain real knowledge about Debian packaging :

Debian Derivatives

Please note that some Debian Derivatives resources may be quite useful too.

Learn more about the DEX project

Advanced Packaging Procedures

from Debian Women

DebianWomen organise interesting training sessions. Those are about packaging :

See also

Useful pages

other informations

See also:

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