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 * [[https://sources.debian.org|Browse through the source code of the Debian operating system]]
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 * [[Debuginfod|Debuginfod eliminates the need for users to install debuginfo packages in order to debug programs using GDB, systemtap or other tools]]
 * [[https://sources.debian.org|Browse through the source code of the Debian operating system]]

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Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome to Debian packaging portal

Portal/IDB/icon-template-32x32.png This portal is about information relevant to developers wishing to package software for Debian. If you were looking for information on installing and removing packages from your Debian system, see the package management page.

Debian packages are maintained by a community of Debian Developers and volunteers.

If you're just starting out with Debian packaging, please read the official documentation first:
Guide for Debian Maintainers -- describes the building of a Debian package with many examples
Debian Packaging Tutorial -- slides-based overview of Debian packaging
Debian Policy -- guiding rules
Developers Reference -- advanced guide etc.
Introduction for maintainers: How will my package get into Debian?

Introduction to Debian Packaging

To get a good grounding in Debian packaging:

Now that you have seen the basics, it is highly recommended that you read some real stuff:

Then, if you are looking for answers, you can come back here or read:

What not to do:

  • There are no shortcuts to learning good packaging practices. Avoid equivs which is only useful for building trivial metapackages and does not teach you anything about packaging.

Packaging Procedures

Types / Formats


Tools suggestion to create an environment to packaging

To create a packaging environment, you will need to study and install the following tools:

* Packaging/sbuild clean build tool and to install with apt use command apt install sbuild.

The sbuild is used in the Debian build service (buildd).

* UsingQuilt patches management to install apt install quilt.

* PackagingWithGit Git management packaging to install apt install git-buildpackage.

* piuparts .deb package installation, upgrading, and removal testing tool to install apt install piuparts.

* Lintian comprehensive package checker for Debian packages to install apt install lintian.

* Devscripts - scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier to install apt install devscripts.

* Autopkgtest - executes tests found in Debian source packages to install apt install autopkgtest.

* blhc - search for missing hardening flags to install apt install blhc. See Debian: how to use blhc to solve hardening issues when packaging.

* dh-make converts source archives into Debian package source to install apt install dh-make.

* cowbuilder really handy to build your project for many distributions at once and to install apt install cowbuilder.

Okay, now you have an environment ready to go to start the packaging Debian studies!

Advanced Procedures

Useful Pages

Training Sessions

From Debian Women

DebianWomen organise training sessions.

See also:

Wiki pages

All pages related to packaging in Debian:

  1. AdvancedBuildingTips
  2. Alioth
  3. AndroidTools
  4. AutomakeTransition
  5. AutomaticPackagingTools
  6. BuildingFormalBackports
  7. BzrBuildpackage/DesignIdeas
  8. CheckInstall
  9. ConfigPackages
  10. CopyrightReviewTools
  11. Courses2005/BuildingWithoutHelper
  12. CreatePackageFromPPA
  13. DEX
  14. DataPackages
  15. DebianAstro/AstropyPackagingTutorial/Packaging
  16. DebianAstro/AstropyPackagingTutorial/Preparation
  17. DebianDevelopment
  18. DebianMentorsFaq
  19. DebianPackageManagement
  20. DebianPackaging-FAQs
  21. DebugPackage
  22. DevelopersCorner
  23. Diagrams
  24. Distcc
  25. DpkgConffileHandling
  26. DpkgDiversions
  27. EditingBinaryPackageMetadata
  28. EmacspeakTestingGuide
  29. FTBFS
  30. Fonts/PackagingPolicy
  31. Games
  32. Games/Sponsors/Queue
  33. GettingPorted
  34. GitPackaging
  35. GitPackagingSurvey
  36. GitPackagingSurvey/bare debian
  37. GitPackagingSurvey/bare debian monorepo
  38. GitPackagingSurvey/bare template
  39. GitPackagingSurvey/git-debcherry
  40. GitPackagingSurvey/git-debrebase
  41. GitPackagingSurvey/git-dpm
  42. GitPackagingSurvey/manually maintained applied
  43. GitPackagingSurvey/merging
  44. GitPackagingSurvey/modified orig plus further unapplied patches
  45. GitPackagingSurvey/rebasing
  46. GitPackagingSurvey/unapplied
  47. GitPackagingWorkflow
  48. GitPackagingWorkflow/DebConf11BOF
  49. GitSrc
  50. HardeningWalkthrough
  51. HowToPackageForDebian
  52. Java/Packaging
  53. Javascript/Policy
  54. Maintainers
  55. MediaWiki
  56. Mentors
  57. Mingw-W64
  58. NonMaintainerUpload
  59. PackageArchitectureAlmostAny
  60. PackageConfigUpgrade
  61. PackageTransition
  62. Packaging
  63. Packaging/BinaryPackage
  64. Packaging/HackingDependencies
  65. Packaging/Intro
  66. Packaging/Pre-Requisites
  67. Packaging/ruby-team-meta-build
  68. Packaging/sbuild
  69. PackagingFAQ
  70. PackagingWithDarcs
  71. PackagingWithDocker
  72. PackagingWithGit
  73. PbuilderTricks
  74. PkgExim4UserFAQ
  75. Projects/DebSrc3.0
  76. Python/DbgBuilds
  77. Python/LibraryStyleGuide
  78. Python/Policy
  79. RPM
  80. RenamingPackages
  81. Repackage_srcrpm
  82. Repacking
  83. ReproducibleBuilds
  84. Salsa
  85. SecurePbuilder
  86. SimpleBackportCreation
  87. SimplePackagingTutorial
  88. SoftwarePackaging
  89. SponsorChecklist
  90. Teams
  91. Teams/CUPS
  92. Teams/DebianHaskellGroup
  93. Teams/DebianMonoGroup/NewPackage
  94. Teams/DebianMozExtTeam
  95. Teams/Foo2zjs
  96. Teams/MySQL
  97. Teams/MySQL/MySQL-wsrep
  98. Teams/OCamlTaskForce
  99. Teams/Printing
  100. Teams/Ruby/Packaging
  101. UsingQuilt
  102. WNPP
  103. binNMU
  104. debian/patches
  105. debian/watch
  106. piuparts
  107. pt_PT/Teams
  108. sbuild
  109. udeb

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