This page is for discussing the PackagesDescriptionsReview CGI at


The buttons have the text "Submit Query", probably because the HTML doesn't contain an explicit button label. It's slighty misleading in some situations. Could the label be changed to something which makes sense?

There is no feedback to indicate when an update has been accepted by the server. I find myself clicking on "Submit Query" two or three times just to be on the safe side. Still, it would be very easy to jump to a new page without saving by accident. Something like "last modified by xxxx on 2005-04-01 at 12:34:56 UTC" would at least indicate if your latest update was successful.


Could there be a link back to perhaps? In particular "Please tell what you intend to work on before actually starting, to avoid conflicts." would benefit from some sort of concrete instructions.

"Section" or "category"?

Could the names of the reviewers be indicated somehow? (Perhaps with an escape hatch if there are more than, say, three or four)

Section display

It would be nice to see how many packages are in a section (or in a quarter, as the case may be).

The discplay tends to get pretty wide. At the same time, many fields are just a single label or a short piece of text. So, how about rearranging the display from the current:

  || package name ||short description||long description ||review 1||review 2||st||

to something like this:

  || package name || long        || review || review || status ||
  +--------------+ description || 1      || 2      ||        ||
  || short desc   ||             ||        ||        ||        ||

This would hopefully reduce the need to scroll back and forth.

Package display

In sections which have been split into quarters, the "section" link nevertheless leads back to the full listing for the section in question. Probably the link should preserve the &quarter= argument of the referring link, if it has one.