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= How to make it work = = How to make it work for an already installed system =

What is PPPoE?

["PPPoE"] is short for ["PPP"] over ["Ethernet"].

It was put in use by internet providers and is amazingly annoying because of how it caught PPP implementations off guard (which were usually restricted to serial ports and subsequentially modems).

Installing from the start a PPPoE enabled system

Debian Installer, starting with February 2007 supports installing a system via PPPoE and will configure the system accordingly. At the regular Debian Installer boot line just append modules=ppp-udeb (e.g.: type "installgui modules=ppp-udeb" to start a graphical installation via PPPoE).

More information in the [http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/apds05.html corresponding chapter in the Installation Guide].

How to make it work for an already installed system

In order to make PPPoE run on a Debian station you must follow the following steps:

  • install a Linux kernel which has:
    • ppp and pppoe support enabled (module or built-in)
    • ethernet driver for the interface on which you expect to connect using PPPoE
  • install pppoeconf (it will pull pppoe and ppp)
  • run pppoeconf and read the instructions given and follow them (note: the password will be shown in plain text)

If everything went fine, now you should be able to browse.


  • If the name server information is not taken from the pppoe data, you will have to insert yourself that data in /etc/resolv.conf
  • It is best, in most cases, to keep the suggested answers
  • PPPoE has seen working for Debian GNU/Linux Sarge and later. It appears that it runs fine on Debian GNU/Linux Woody, too.
  • Documentation on how to use the kernel module without rp-pppoe can be found at /usr/share/doc/ppp/examples/peers-pppoe