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 * DebianPkg:xpdf-utils - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities  * DebianPkg:poppler-utils - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities

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Portable Document Format (PDF) , see PDF on Wikipedia.

PDF Viewers / Readers

Debian has multiple PDF viewers packaged, such as:

There are other PDF viewers available, search http://packages.debian.org.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Non-Free)

If you really need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which is non-free, it is available from ftp.adobe.com or the deb-multimedia.org repository.

/!\ installing the .deb from ftp.adobe.com does not work with amd64/Jessie (libgtk dependency error)

Note that Adobe Acrobat requires the i386 architecture. If you are running on a non-i386 system, you will need to add i386 architecture support.

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 

For Squeeze, add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list (see SourcesList):

# deb-multimedia (unofficial): Debian 6.0 (Squeeze)
deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org squeeze main non-free

This repository isn't "official" but it works and has some otherwise unavailable packages.

After this, type in a terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install acroread mozilla-acroread 

In Iceweasel, you can type in:


and check that the plugin is recognized:

  • File name nppdf.so
    • application/pdf Portable Document Format pdf
    • application/vnd.fdf Acrobat Forms Data Format fdf
    • application/vnd.adobe.xfdf XML Version of Acrobat Forms Data Format xfdf
    • application/vnd.adobe.xdp+xml Acrobat XML Data Package xdp
    • application/vnd.adobe.xfd+xml Adobe FormFlow99 Data File xfd

/!\ To install acroread-plugin, you have to un-install the xine-ui package and vice-versa.

Editors / Generators

  • cups-pdf is a virtual printer that can generate a PDF from any application

  • gimp automatically convert the imported PDF as bitmap

  • gscan2pdf - A GUI to produce PDFs from scanned documents

  • inkscape can import, edit and export PDF (more on inkscape.org)

  • openoffice and libreoffice can export as PDF (see OpenOffice or LibreOffice)

  • pdfedit is an editor for manipulating PDF documents

  • pdftk is a command line editor for manipulating PDF documents

  • php-fpdf - FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with PHP

Other Tools

  • chm2pdf - Converts CHM files into PDF files

  • htmldoc - HTML processor that generates indexed HTML, PS, and PDF

  • qpdf - tools for transforming and inspecting PDF files

  • pdf2svg - converts PDF documents to SVG files (one per page)

  • pdfshuffler is a tool for manipulating PDF documents

  • rst2pdf - reStructuredText to PDF renderer

  • poppler-utils - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities

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