People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

I have no idea what PCMCIA means. Why would I want to know? All I need to know is the PCMCIA ports on most laptop and portable (and increasingly, desktop) computers is where you plug in your PCMCIA modem or network card to make it "Net Ready" (thereby avoiding the grief of having to deal with the POS built-in Win-something-or-other it came with).

Succeeding PCMCIA is CardBus. You can plug PCMCIA cards into CardBus slots, but you can't plug CardBus into PCMCIA slots.

See David Hinds' pcmcia-cs (Card Services) package. As of kernel 2.6, pcmcia-cs has apparently been rolled into the kernel.

Also see TuxMobil by WernerHeuser He probably knows what PCMCIA means.