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NOTE: This page is for Round 9 (December 2014 to March 2015).

The current round is Outreachy/Round10

Debian is participating in the 9th Round of the Free & Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women.


Debian has been encouraging women to increase their engagement in the free software community for many years. We strongly believe this is a win-win situation for women (who open up new opportunities for themselves through community networking) and the wider free software movement (who benefit from the untapped potential of talented female developers). Statistics show that although we have increased the number of women participants, we still have plenty of room to grow. With this initiative we hope more women will see opportunities to become involved in the Debian project.

For whom

Any woman who has not previously participated in an Outreach Program for Women or Google Summer of Code and is not yet a Debian Developer nor a Debian Maintainer. This program is open to anyone who was assigned female at birth and anyone who identifies as a woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or genderfree regardless of gender presentation or assigned sex at birth. Additionally, as a pilot for expanding the program to people from more underrepresented groups, this round is open to all participants of the Ascend Project regardless of gender. There is no age restriction and you don't need to be a student to apply.


September 22

application period opens

September 22 - October 21

applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it

October 22

application deadline at 7pm UTC

November 12

accepted participants announced on

December 9 - March 9

internship period

What to do

  1. Choose a project

  2. Make a small contribution.
    • Once you have chosen your project, contact its corresponding mentor and ask him/her what small contribution related to the project you could do.
  3. Send an application. To send your application for participating in a Debian project, you should:
    1. use the Application Template

    2. add your application to the OPW Applications list

    3. email with a link to your application

Please, read more about this program here:


We offer two kind of projects: coding projects and non-coding projects.

debsources improvements

Improve AppArmor support in Debian

The intern will create AppArmor profiles for diverse applications and test each of them. Furthermore, she should test and adapt existing profiles and document best practices for shipping AppArmor profiles in Debian.

Improvements should be made to the Debian Bugtracking System by creating a set of usertags, and corresponding documentation, so that the AppArmor team can keep track of AppArmor-related problems archive-wide. Existing profiles should be proposed to be integrated into existing Debian packages and, when feasible, upstream.

To substantially lower the barrier for using AppArmor on Debian, and if there is time left, one could also imagine to code a tool which would make it easier to automatically activate the AppArmor LSM whenever the corresponding userspace tools are installed (702030).

Move forward reproducible builds

Writing/Improving Debbugs documentation (noncoding)

Bootstrappable Debian

Description of the project: The goal is to be able to automatically bootstrap Debian for a non-existing architecture from zero without the help of another distribution that was already bootstrapped for the host architecture. Thus, the goal is to make Debian self-supporting and the first step to bootstrap Debian for a new architecture is to cross-compile a minimal native build system which can be booted on the target architecture and used to build more packages natively. Work toward this goal has been going on for several years and we now have all the necessary components into place: build profiles, multiarch, cross toolchains, botch, and rebootstrap.

Your task will be in connection with rebootstrap which is a continuous integration project running on which regularly tries to cross build a minimum build system from scratch to identify the remaining problems.

TEMPLATE: Title of the project

Where to start

Debian is a huge project, so we have created a welcoming atmosphere:

Coordinators of the program:

Former coordinators:


See OPW Applications